Sunday, August 14, 2016

[Solved ]: Xiomi Mi Max WiFi Connection and Drop Problem

There is a wifi issue going on with new devices i.e. the version in the device doesn't connect to WiFi but it gets saved.. Many people are approaching service center to get it fixed with new version.

image source :

Here is a quick and temporary fix for those devices. Without reaching service center Follow the following steps:

  1. If you have other android device or windows 10 mobile. Connect that device with wifi..
  2. Share the wifi with bluetooth.. I.e. Tethering..
  3. Now, go to mi max bluetooth settings n get connected to the other device..
  4. Then go to updater and check for updates.. Download and install that.. It will be fixed. Thanks..

I would like you to share this as a news or make a vid using other mobiles( if not using mi max) the above steps to explain how to fix the issue quickly being at home as many (say 100+) users are asking me for the fix as they cant find a easy fix online