Saturday, August 13, 2016

Pokemon GO SIGHTINGS 5 Facts you should know (Preview of upcoming NEARBY and SIGHTINGS feature)

The current version of the Pokemon GO brings the SIGHTINGS feature instead of NEARBY feature. Even though the Near By was much useful (still not working fully) but still it has many limitations and drawbacks, A some of them are,

  • Multiple Pokemon flooding the area. Which sometimes gives us confusion, which one to pick.
  • The foot steps concept were nice but still it doesn't work as we were thinking.
  • The frequency to update the near by Pokemon's is uncertain and very less.

Above mentioned are a few. The more you use this feature you will get more to know, The current version of the Pokemon 0.33 (for Android) has the Sightings feature. While using the Sightings feature we do realize that in terms if concept it is not as strong as Nearby but it is more reliable

Top 5 SIGHTINGS Features

We have used SIGHTINGS for few hours and collected many of the features that you should be knowing too. Here is the summary of this new feature,

Faster Refresh Rate

Sightings has a more reliable list of nearby Pokemon by refreshing at a much faster rate compared to the rate that Nearby did. 

Take a look here,

In just a few seconds you will the updated new list as shown below,

Distance Limitations

Sightings limits the Pokemon's search to approximately 200-meter in a complete circular way and cover less ground overall.

No Ranking

This is the important and a notable difference. The sightings feature doesn’t rank Pokemon based on the Pokemon's that is near by. It doesn't tell the directions but it guarantees that it is near by 200 Meter as said. 

Pokemon Presence 

If a specific Pokemon disappears from the list, It means either you’re walking in the wrong direction, or it also mean it’s simply gone from the game entirely.

No Duplicate Pokemon

It won’t show more than one common Pokemon flooding the area and making it easier to find something that you have trying to catch from long time.

Video Demo 

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Author : Saurabh Gupta

News Source : Forbes