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pokemon go failed to detect location fix for android hack, fake gps, gps spoof, mock location

This post will guide you on how to fix "failed to detect gps signal or location on android". The failed to detect location can happen due to many of the reasons. We will discuss all of them in detail here.

  • Before we go any further a strict warning - Using hacked/pirate

    d version of Pokemon GO is against law and any strict actions can be taken from Niantic Inc. Try this at your own risk.
  • This video is for information purpose only, it is no recommended to use hacked/pirated version of Pokemon GO app.

Possible Ways to Play Pokemon GO

This is as simple to understand, but the whole fix lies in this only. Obviously you need to install the app. Here are the possible ways to play Pokemon,
  • Install from Google Play Store (If it is supported in your country)
  • Sideload the apk file of the game.
  • Hacked version of the Pokemon GO

On the mentioned three points above the first two points are where you are not using any hacked version of the game I am assuming, as I am keeping that for third option. Pokemon GO is an augmented Reality based app and it needs the current location of your device where you are holding the device and playing. I am also assuming that you have successfully installed and the games and it was working too, but suddenly you started getting error of GPS Signal failed to detect.  

Check these settings first,

Location Accuracy Mode

According to your Android OS running you need to go to settings then location. Under location you need to change the location accuracy mode. As you can see in below Nexus 6P running Android Nougat 7.0,

You will see three option in most of the Android Phones running Android Marshmallow and above. There will be,
  • High Accuracy
  • Battery Saving
  • Device Only
You need to always select the "High Accuracy" mode. If you will use 'Battery Saving' and 'Device Only' then you will get 'GPS Signal Not Found' error. while playing Pokemon GO.

Disable Battery Saver

Pokemon GO is not defined to work under battery saver mode. Before you start playing top up the battery and then start playing, As a backup keep a battery backup option. When battery saver is turned on it changes many system settings to save the battery of the phone. For example when battery saver is turned on it can,
  • Change the location mode for 'High Accuracy' to 'Battery Saver'.
  • Can disable background data or can optimize the app to use less data.
These are the just two mentioned, In short you should never play in battery saver mode. Now the 'Location Accuracy Mode' and 'Disable Battery Saver' works for both the case in case you have installed the Pokemon GO from either the Play Store or sideloaded from apk. An important point is if you wanted to download the apk files from official play store, here is the video that can help you,

Tip : Download apk from Google Play Store

Check Mock Locations

This is just to cross verify in case you have accidentally changed it under the developer options. Just head to the settings and see if you can find any entry names as 'Developer Options'. If it is not there then you are good to go. 

In case there is 'Developer Options' menu then go inside and look for an entry called 'Mock Locations',  it should like below,

Make sure you see 'nothing' written here.

Hacked Version of Pokemon GO

Now we will see the scenario if you have installed the Pokemon GO using hacked method on your Android device. I am taking only a couple of one which are working as of now, There are complete dedicated video to check and install. Make sure to watch if you are interested to install the hacked version.
  • Using any location spoofing based app to teleport the location
  • Installed using Exposed Framework on rooted android device
  • Installed using hacked version and sideload to your phone
Now, for more details check the individual method of using and installing them. Each of the method has a separate way of configuration. You need to check carefully which method what kind of settings, as an example, some location spoofing app wants to use location mode to high accuracy mode as an example, fly gps. 

If you install using the exposed framework they need may request only for 'Device Only' mode.

Also with location spoofing method you need to properly select the mock location. Taking an example, below you can see, the Fly GPS is asking for mock location to set.

An important point here to note is, if you have more than one location spoofing apps installed try to uninstall the one you are not using. Coz it is difficult to set mock location in that case, the may misbehave.

Video Demo

Be sure to watch the complete video for a live demo and better understanding too. Here is the video and link too,

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