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Pokemon GO Android 0.33.0 Hack, Cheats, Tips How To Not Get Permanent Banned In PokeMon Go

With the current Pokemon GO version 0.33.0 for Android many features and security updates has came for the game. While one of the new and interesting feature is SIGHTINGS.



Using hacked and pirated version of the app is illegal and can harm your device. This post id for information purpose only, the company and the related sources are not responsible for any loss or damage. Try this on your risk.

Important points,

Before we go ahead there are few set of mandatory points that you should know,
  • According to the Google Play Store app Description as below, the app need Android version 4.4. and above. 

  • You need to enable the developer options in your phone, This can be turned on by tapping 7 timed on the Android build no under settings, This can be different for each phone, Check according to your phone manufacturer.
  • You will also be needing many filed to download. Get the files ready, as mentioned in coming details below.

How You can Banned ?

Wit the latest changes from Niantic, If you are changing your location too often and also your current IP address and the location is different you can be permanently banned to use the Google.Pokemon Trainer account you are using.

How you can avoid being banned

Here are the basic simple ways to save your self,

Play in a location near to you

This is the simplest and best way to play smoothly. Whether you are using any hack or not playing near to your current GPS location. Try not to go a few kilometers from your current location.

Use VPN conection

Even if you are trying  to move use a VPN connection to get way you being banned for suspicious location detection.

Use Xposed Framework

The best way we have seen till now which doesn't have any problem is rooting your device and installing the Xposed framework. Using this method the app installed is not from apk so this will work smoothly.

How to Install Pokemon GO on any Android Phones

Niantic is now very serious about blocking the user who are using hacked version if the Pokemon GO. We will guide you a few working solution that is possible now. 

Using location spoofing method

You can use any of the location spoofing apps to get yourself teleported to any new location. You can use this method for whatever reasons may be. Follow these steps and watch the video mentioned below.
  • Install any vpn application, There is no such specific app. The one that I am using is, "Hola Free VPN Proxy" and "SuperVPN Free VPN Client".
  • Install a location spoofing app like "Fake GPS (Fly GPS)".
  • Install Pokemon GO if it issupported in your country. If it is not you can sideload the apk. 
  • Select the mock location "Fly GPS". watch the video below for How To.

Apps Needed

Important Points

  • This method only works on the Android Marshmallow.
  • You need to set the mock location to use this app.
  • First of all you need to connect the VPN and then start the Fly GPS app. Make sure to select the same location in both place.

Download the Pokemon GO apk

If the Pokemon is not supported in your country then watch this video,

Demo Video for complete Steps

Watch this video for complete step by step demo and other information that you may need to know,

Use Root + Xposed Installer Method

This is best and preferred way and is almost works each time you want to use it. But this is a bit complicated as it needs some extra overhead.


  • Your device must be rooted.
  • You should have exposed framework installed.
  • You should have installed the TWRP Recovery Installed.

Installing TWRP and Rooting Android Marshmallow

This video will guide you on how you can install the TWRP and root android device running Android Marshmallow.

There is a tutorial guide also, in case you want to read that, you can use this link below,

Installing Xposed Framework and Installing Pokemon GO

This video below will guide you how to install the xposed framework and install the Pokemon GO. The needed step by Step Guide is mentioned there,

Watch the Video Demo:

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