Monday, August 15, 2016

Oxygen OS 3.2.4 Update Review - Whats Fixed, Installation Experience, Found Issues

The latest Oxygen os 3.2.4 which is a new incremental update to previous oxygen os 3.2.2 brings few major bug fixes. The current 3.2.4 ha a download size of 26 MB and can be either installed via Incremental update, OTA or full ROM flash. Watch the video to get the complete details.

Change Log

According to the OnePlus official statement,

We've provided a hotfix for the below issues and begun rolling out OxygenOS 3.2.4 for the OnePlus 3 today. The update includes the following items:
  • Fixed the auto-reboot issue.
  • Improved call quality.
  • Implemented various fixes and carrier optimizations.


Video Demo

We have installed the latest build and used for 24 hours now. Here is the video that you can watch.

Watch on YouTube

Usage Experience

On using our OnePlus 3 after installing the build, we didn't noticed any such major change Seems the changes are made for internal bug fixes and few users who have received the problem. With the previous 3.2.2 update the most of the issues were fixed. In case you are interested you can watch the video here.

Found Issues

While all the mentioned issues seems to be fixed, still we found some of the new issues,

  • The WiFi reception is not very strong compared to other flagship phones if we compare. 
  • There is a major Screen Overlay detected error many times too. 

We have also made a dedicated video to solve "Screen Overlay Detected" issues in any android device, You can watch the video below,

Video #1

Video #2