Monday, August 15, 2016

how to flash custom rom using twrp recovery and install beta super su

This post will guide you how you can install custom ROM on any android device, along with that this post will also guide you how you can install SUPER SU to root your android phone.

Note : The following steps are shown using OnePlus 3. The exact name and other options may vary according to your device and OS running.

Installing TWRP and root your phone

This method needs TWTP recovery manager to be installed on your device. In case it is not installed, watch the below video for complete guide on how to install TWRP and Root your device (OnePlus 3).

Video Link :

Minimum Requirement

  • This method will only work if you have TWRP Recovery installed on your Android phone.
  • You should have ROM downloaded from the verified source and coped inside the phone internal storage. Check with your device manufacturer and the supported ROM matrix.

  • Charge your phone to atleast 80%.
  • Device should have atleast 10 GB of internal storage free.

Installation Steps

  • Go to your phone "Settings>About Phone" options and tap the build no 7 times to enable the developer option. Once you see the developer option enabled message, go back and you should see a developer options menu added.
  • Go inside the developer option and make sure it is checked to turn on.

  • Find and option called "USB debugging", turn it on.
  • Find the entry called Advanced reboot, turn it on.
  • Also turn on the OEM Unlocking. (In case you are first time enabling the OEM unlocking, your device may ask for hard reset i.e. formatting)

  • Once all the above option are turned on, go to home and click power button for a while, once you see the reboot windows, click on reboot, you should see a recovery option. 

  • If you have TWRP installed then you will see the TWRP recovery manager windows as shown below. 

  • Click on 'Wipe'
  • Again click on 'Advanced Wipe'
  • Select "Dalvik / ART Cache' and 'Cache', and then do Swipe to Wipe,

  • Once you see Done prompt, go back to the main menu and select install as shown below,
  • Above step will open the directory of your phone. Browse  the location where you have copied the ROM and Super SU zip files.

  • Select the ROM zip file and then perform 'Swipe to confirm flash'. It may take some time to install depends upon he phone configuration and update size.
  • One you see ...done, then click on 'wipe cache/dalvik' and then do 'Swipe to Wipe'.
  • One ...done, go back to the directory where you have copied the zip files and select the Super SU zip file.
  • Click on 'Swipe to confirm flash'

  • Once ...done click on 'Wipe cache/dalvik'.
  • Once done, select reboot.

After you perform above steps successfully, you will have all the apps ans setting in the same place and the ROM have been installed successfully too. You can also verify the root access by download the 'Root Checker' app from Play Store.

Video Demo

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