Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Google Duo Video Calling app Review (Simple, Beautiful, But Not Recommended for Slower Network)

The much awaited Google Duo Video calling has been launched on Android. The app has a new icon and new too, which is different when it was under beta.

We spent a few hours with this app to check as of now how the app performs in terms of
  • Day to Day usage for making video calls
  • Is there any lags due to heavy usage
  • Any app crash
We are going to see each of these points.

Installation & Setup

The app can be downloaded using this link and installed on any Android phone running Android version 4.1 and above. You also be need a working cellular number too. But if you don't have a working cellular number you can use mobile/wifi network to verify the phone you are installing Duo. 

That's It !!! Pretty simple in configuration and installation.

Features & Usage

  • Once you will start the app it will turn on your front camera and will  show options like making a call and notifications if there is any missed video call from other users. In case any user has already joined the Duo you will get a "Knock Knock" prompt.

  • After this you will see your front cam is on and you will get other notifications here.

  • One installed you can send invite to other peoples that are in your contact list, just by typing the number.
  • If you are getting any video call then then it will be similar to how you are getting voice calls.

  • If you just swipe up then it will show the your video live from the front camera.

  • One the call is answered you will get usual feature to disconnect the call too. 

Usage Experience

I will be honest here of what I found in my area and network. I used two phones, here
  • Nexus 6P (Airtel 3G on Roam)
  • Lenovo Vibe K5 Note (WiFi 8Mbps BSNL)
In this set of network condition my calling (video calling) experience is not good. The voice was continuously breaking and even video got freeze couple of times, See below,

You can see I did saw this many times "Poor Connection Video Paused". I am sure using LTE connection it will have different experience, But not everyone is using 4G here.

Download Link

Video Demo

 You can watch the complete demo on our Youtube channel or below too,

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