Sunday, May 22, 2016

Episode #20, 22 may 2016

My fellow citizens, good afternoon. Then once I 'mind' is an opportunity to. For me, 'mind' is not the ritual. I myself am eager to speak with you and I am very happy that the things of the mind in every corner of the country through the Samanyjnon I am able to connect.

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I'm also grateful that he also AIR 'mind' at 8.00 in the evening in the regional languages ​​have attempted to present successful. And I am also glad that those who hear me, they later by letter, by telephone, MyGov website by, Narendra Modi App are passed on to me by my emotions. Many government work helps me your things. Public interest in terms of how active the government should be the public interest should be the primary task of many, for these things to you that my Interface, the relationship that works. I hope that you become more active participation by the public away from how democracy, it will definitely force.

Accumulated heat is rising. Hoped, would offset some, but did feel the growing heat. Among these was the news that perhaps the monsoon will be delayed a week, and then increased anxiety. Close close-up part of the country is experiencing a major fire of heat. Mercury is touching the sky. Animal, bird, person, everyone is nervous. Because of these environmental problems are becoming increasingly longer. So did the forest, the trees would brighten and the destruction of nature by human beings in a way that led to self-destruction. June 5 is World Environment Day. Discussions for the environment are all over the world, there is concern.

The United Nations World Environment Day on 'Zero Tolerance for illegal Wildlife Trade' is the theme for this. It will then be discussed, but we also have to discuss the plant, the water is to be discussed, how to grow our forest. You must have seen the past, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir - in the lap of the Himalayas, the forests on fire; In states where the drought conditions over the past few days I have extensive talks with the Chief Ministers of the 11 states had the opportunity to. Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Odisha - such as the way the government has been in practice, I have a meeting of all the drought-affected states could, but I did not say did. I state with all of the different meeting. Nearly one hundred two with the state, spent two and a half hours. States what to say, they listened closely. In general, the government, many of the Indian government and some of the money spent - it does not much matter closely.

Government officials also had a surprise for us that many states are very good effort, in relation to water, in relation to the environment, to combat drought, the animals, and for humans Asrgrst thus, in every corner of the country, any government, even if they did experience this problem, with long-term conditions, permanent solutions to address what may be permanent treatment, it was also . For me it was a kind learning experience and I have also told me that the best practices are policy commission, how to take them in all states, it should also work. Some states, especially in Andhra, Gujarat technology is fully utilized. I would like the Commission to further policy efforts by the states which are particularly successful, it states we want. Public participation in the solution of such problems is the basis for a huge success. And it is the perfect planning, the use of appropriate technology and the time frame to complete the arrangements to be tried; Best results can be found, it is my belief. By moving the Drought Management, water conservation by taking, blob-blob to save water, because I always agree, water - these divine offerings. As we go to the temple, and give a little bit too Prasad Prasad falls, then the mind is indignation. Pick him up and apologize to God five times. The grace of the divine is water. A single drop is wasted, then we should be suffering. And the accumulation of water is equally important, equally important is the water conservation, irrigation water is equally important and therefore the per drop-more crop, micro-irrigation, at least water from harvest. Happily, many states now that our sugarcane farmers are using micro-irrigation, a drip-irrigation is using, is of a sprinkler. I sat with the states, some states for paddy, rice farming, which, he also successfully used drip-irrigation and because their yields were higher, water saving and reduced wages. When I heard of these states, states that are so many who are very big target, especially Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat. Three states in drip-irrigation is a big job and so try that every year two or three million hectares, micro-irrigation, visit the link! The campaign had to walk all the states, so too will benefit agriculture, water will also save. Telangana our brothers 'mission Bhagirathi' Godavari and Krishna river water by using the very best have tried. Andhra Pradesh 'Neeru progress Mission in the use of technology, ground water recharging attempt. Maharashtra, which have sparked a mass movement, the people also are shedding sweat, are giving money. "Hydrous Camp Campaign '- literally the movement state will work to prevent future crises, so I experience. Chhattisgarh 'Loksuraj - Jlsuraj campaign is launched. Madhya Pradesh 'Balram Talab Scheme - Nearly 22 thousand pond close! These statistics are not small! This is a work in progress. His' Kapildhara plan. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Water Bachao Abhiyan. Karnataka 'Kalyani plan to revive the wells have started working towards. Rajasthan and Gujarat where more old-fashioned Bawdiya Those Jlmndir as a big campaigned to revive. Rajasthan Chief Minister of Water-independence campaign is launched. Though state forest area, but there are some areas where water is a problem. He 'Check Dam' is a big campaign. He ran towards the water stop. Some states in the rivers by building small dams, ten, twenty-twenty kilometers has campaigned to prevent water. It is very pleasant experience. I'll say that these countrymen June, July, August, September - to decide, will not waste a single drop of water. Manage from now, what might be the place to save water, the water can be a place to stop. God only gives the water according to our need, our requirement meets nature itself, but we see a lot of water and when water and become remiss season ends, then continue without disturbing the water, how could is? And it means no water is not just a matter of farmers live! These villages, the poor, workers, peasants, urban, rural, rich and poor - all linked to the theme and therefore rainy season is coming and the water they are our priority at this time when we celebrate Christmas, then this we enjoy a much water saved, how much water is prevented. You see, our happiness will be increased several fold. He has power in the water, no matter how tired we were and are, at the mouth pours a little water, then how many are fresh. No matter how tired we are, but the vast lake or ocean water, see the hugeness of what is experienced. What a precious treasure given by God! Just go with it attached, to the preservation, enhancement of water, the water accumulation, the modern to create irrigation water. I am saying this now large request. Do not let the weather. For the next four months, water blob-blob 'save water' campaign aims to change as governments and not the politicians, not the work of the public. detailed account of the last days of water media has trouble. I hope the media to guide people towards water conservation, and water crisis operations for the liberation of the media was also partnered always, I'll invite them, too.

My fellow citizens, we have to make modern India. India is to make us transparent. We have many systems in India to reach a diagonal evenly, so our old habits have to change a bit. Today I want to touch on a subject on which, if you help me, we can proceed in that direction successfully. We all know, we were taught in school that was a time when there were coins, notes were not, barter system that used to be if you want vegetables, so in return give wheat. You need salt, then in turn give such vegetable. the barter system was the turnover. Slowly began to pose. began to coin, coins began to arrive, and came note. But now times have changed. The whole world is moving towards cashless society. By arrangement we can also find electronic technological bucks, bucks can give. You can buy anything, you can also pay bills. And embellishment of the theft of the wallet out of the question ever arise. Will not even bother to keep accounts, automatic calculation will be. Will start a little difficult, but once the habit will, these arrangements will be simplified. And it is therefore likely that these days we 'PMJDY "campaign, almost all households in the country of a hundred bank accounts were opened. On the other hand, if the base number found and mobile, about a hundred of the country has reached the hands of every Indian. The 'public money', 'base' and 'mobile' - (JAM), 'J.A.M.' This synergy, we can move forward towards the cashless society. You have seen that has been RuPay Card with Jan-Dhan account. In the coming days the credit card and debit - both in terms of work is going to come. And nowadays it's also a very small Instrument, which adds point of sale - P.O.S. - 'POS'. With his help you, be your base number, RuPay Card, you can pay off any money, so he can give. Rs embellishment of extracting, count, do not need. There is no need to carry around. The Indian government has for some initiative, it a 'POS' how payment by money, how to visit. The second thing is we started 'Bank on Mobile' - Universal Payment interface banking transaction - 'UPI'. That could change the way in. Money transaction via your mobile phone will be very easy to do and is a matter of happiness that N.P.C.I. And bank the platform to the mobile app using the launch to be working and if it is, then maybe you RuPay Card to keep up with the need not to I in the land of a hundred more than a quarter-million banking correspondents as youth have been recruited. Bank at your door in a way - the way work is done. Post Office banking services have been alerted. We will learn to use and practice of these arrangements will, then we will not need these currency notes, will not have to, do not need money, the business will run itself and its causes will be a transparency. Two-Nabari business will stop. The effect will be reduced only if the black money, so I urge the countrymen that we start to have. See, once you start, then we will move forward very easily. Twenty years ago, who would have thought that so many mobile in every hand we will. Gradually got used, you can not live without him now. The cashless society is taking the same proportions, but in less time then it will be better.

My dear countrymen, when the Olympic Games come and begin the game, then we head slammed sit, how many of us fell in the Gold Medal, Silver did not, Bronze run - not run These lives. It is true that there are many challenges we face in sports, but the country must become an environment. Rio Olympic going to encourage our players, encouraged them to everyone in their own way. A song written, created a cartoon, not a good luck message, to encourage any game, but the whole country of our players must make a very positive atmosphere. Results may come - will come. Game - the game is won, has lost too, medal will come, not even come, but should be encouraged and when I talk, I also our sports minister Mr Sarbananda Sonowal has struck a chord for me to work, so I want to say. We will do all the election results last week, will result in the state what the letters, and were engaged in the election of Mr Sarbananda G himself was leading the Assam chief minister candidate, but he was also a minister in the Government of India and I got the information, that they have loved so big without telling anyone before the state election result reached Patiala, Punjab. You will all know Netaji Subhash National Institute of Sports (NIS), which is the training of our players to be in the Olympic, they are all the same. He suddenly reached there, it was surprise for the players and for sports minister thus no surprise that so bothered.

Okay. Thank you.

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