Saturday, April 2, 2016

Screen Flickering on Video Playback

GIS Support Reviews : Build 14295.1000 has a major bug on it.

Screen Flickering Bug

As mentioned to reproduce the bug you need to first copy some of the video files in your phone. You can even record with  your phone too. Now play the video file with phone not rotated using "Film & TV" app. Everything will work fine. 

Now turn your device to landscape mode and hide the navigation bar. Thats all one more step left. You have to just touch the screen now and you can scc the screen starts flickering. 

To exit from that rotate the devide back to normal condition.

Bug Condition

This has been verified on the redstone build 14295.1000. While the build 10586.164 have no such issues.

Minimum Requirement

  • You should be running redston e build
  • Your device  should be eligible for Windows 10 Mobile Update. 
  • You should be playing the file with Film & TV  app


  • This has been tested with device having Navigation Bar on screen. Like lumia 640 XL, 950 XL etc. We haven't checked on device with dedicated phydical keys.
  • When using any other player like , VLC the bug is not there.

Video Demo:

You can watch the complete demo of the bug on my YouTube channel,

and here is the video URL,

You can join us and ask any specific questions if you have,

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