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Lumia 640 XL OEM Back Panel

GIS Support Reviews : Green Back Panel for Lumia 640 XL review.

One of the reason Lumia phones we like is the way you can customize the phone. Nokia made it very different in bringing the color back panel on the time when all the phone are dead black and white.

Being a windows phone user we like to have this option. I have tried that previously on emany lumia phones, In my recent back panel review I used OEM  panel for Lumia 640 XL in Lemo yellow color.

Here is a quick look

watch the video demo here,

Lumia 640 XL Green OEM Back Panel

This time I saw a new color on ebay and couldn't stopped myself in giving a try on that. Its very cheap and price varies from $4 USD to $9 USD that I found out. I purchased one after going through description and it cost me $6.

Since its OEM made not teh genuine hence it will come in loose packing. You can purchase the panel from the link below I purchased or you can search on ebay to get it from different seller also.

Purchase Link

Overall Impression

Those times were old we carry our old Nokia phones for decades. Average user use their smartphone for an year now. Considering the accessories for Microsoft they are not too cheap either. I will personally never recommend to buy a genuine accessories like panels, headphones etc. Coming to our product here,

  •  Build Quality is good considering the price. I will say its perfect.
  • Used the previous product for around 4 months, 99% its protected and remains fine.
  • Fitting on the body is also good.


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