Tuesday, April 19, 2016

HTC 10 Coming to India

Upcoming Android Phones : HTC 10 Snapdragon 820 variant coming to India

HTC 10 Snapdragon 820 variant coming to India

The HTC 10 combined customer feedback and obsessive attention to detail for developing the HTC 10. Sporting a sleek unibody metal design, upgraded front and rear cameras, and Hi-Res audio. The camera is re-engineered to start up faster, and also focus faster even in burst mode. Speed seems to be a priority, bloatware apps were chucked for a more streamlined OS. Each device has Boost+ to improve speed and consume less power at the same time. Boost+ is an app available on any devices running Android 5.0 and up.

Another focus are for the new flagship is battery drain, Boost+ helps in that regard too, with smart boost that optimises memory use, a game battery booster that reduces the battery drain during gameplay and PowerBotics system that automatically shuts down apps draining the battery too much. The HTC 10 also uses quick charge 3.0 Rapid Charger, that quickly charges the battery up to 50% with just 30 minutes of charge.

A fun addition to the UI is ditching the grid layout for a freestyle layout where icons, widgets and stickers can be freely placed anywhere on the homescreen. Stickers can be attached to apps and then arranged about the screen, allowing users to get rid of app icons altogether. There are thousands of themes available.

This information is subject to change because there has been some confusion and flip-flops without clear answers on the matter, but good news for HTC and flagship fans, seems like India will get the Snapdragon 820 variant of the HTC 10 after all, and not the HTC 10 Lifestyle with the Snapdragon 652, according to the ninja that silently updated the specs sheet on the HTC web site.

News Source/Via : tech2