Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Episode #19, 24 April 2016

My fellow citizens, you all afternoon. Everyone in the program makes holidays. Is common in the holiday season and have fun with it and never mind that the common mind that they also get a chance to sleep a little while in the afternoon, so good.

Note : Translated from Original Hindi Text, Results may not be 100% accurate.

But this time around the fierce heat would spoil all the fun. Concern in the country and it is very natural, when persistent drought, the water-collection which are locations that are less likely. Sometimes, due to encroachment, silting due to the flow of the water are the cause of the blockages, water reservoir far below its potential due to the store's storage-capacity and order-year decreases. Water for drought relief to distress their governments try, it is, but I noticed that the citizens are very good effort. Awareness is seen in several villages and what the value of water, so that they know, who have faced the problem of water. And therefore a place, there is also a sensitivity with respect to water and also have some more of the activity. A few days ago I was telling someone that Maharashtra's Ahmednagar district, villagers Hivre market GP and there is a very large village water Issue as sensitive to address. Save Water, who wish to get so many villages, but they interact with the farmers and cropping pattern has changed completely. A crop, which uses the most water had become a sugar cane, banana, these crops have decided to leave. Listening seems very simple thing, but is not so simple. Everyone would get so much by resolution? A factory that uses water, say, you stop manufactory, take over the water, then the results will come, you know. But my farmer brother, look, they felt that the brothers, cane takes much water, then leave the cane, he left. And complete the fruit and vegetable, which require at least water, went on such crops. He sprinkler, drip Irrigation, drip irrigation, water harvesting, water recharging - Initiative for so many water hazard in front of the village today has stood on its own strength to cope. Okay, I'll even talk of a small village Hivre market, but there are many villages. I congratulate all the villagers are also very much for your work the best.

Someone told me that in Dewas district of Madhya Pradesh village panchayat Gorwa. By striving to create a campaign panchayat farm pond. Built around 27 farm ponds and ground water level due to increased water came up. When crops needed water, they found water and a rough calculation would show nearly 20 percent increase in their agricultural production. Only save water, save water table and the water comes up, the water quality is also greatly improved. Says so in the world, pure drinking water is causing GDP growth, it is the subject of health. Sometimes it seems that the Indian government railway delivers water from Latur, for the world, he becomes a story. It is right that the railway worked fast, he is so praiseworthy, but it is equally congratulate the villagers. I would say, even more congratulations. But such schemes, run by citizens, they do not come ever. Sometimes the best thing the government is also exposed, but we will see in your side, so that will come into consideration the type of people against drought, with new methods, problem solving strive for.

The nature of man, how is the crisis passes, but any good news to come from nowhere, like a full blown crisis, it would feel. Since the information was public that this time the precipitation is expected to be 106 percent to 110 percent, as if a huge message of peace has come. So now is the time to get rain, but the good news of rain also brought a new consciousness.

But my fellow citizens, good rain, the news gives much pleasure, gives an opportunity for all of us equally, has also challenged. What we save water for villages, a campaign can run from now! Farmers call for soil, crop, as it is used in the field. Why do not we take this time-taking soil from village ponds, fields and move to the land of the farm will be fine, will also increase the strength of its water accumulation. Never cement in sacks, never empty fertilizer sacks, stone and clay, which drew water out of the way, that the water can prevent it? The water will stop for five days, seven days a water stop, the water will be in the ground. If the water level in the ground come up. We will water wells. The water may be, must stop. Rainwater, water village will remain in the village, that if we do something and collective efforts by resolution possible. So today, even if the water crisis, the drought conditions, but the coming month - one and a half months and I always say we have time, but we visit Porbandar, the birth place of Mahatma Gandhi, of which there are so different place we see, it's also like a place to save the rain water, the tank under the house, how two hundred-two hundred-year-old remains and the water was so pure.

Krishna Kumar, no sir, he has written on a variety of MyGov expressed curiosity. He says that while it would be possible to do a campaign for cleaning the Ganga ever! Their concern is very natural, because it is going to work for almost 30 years. Many governments had many plans became, costs a lot and because of this, brother Krishna Kumar to these questions in the minds of millions of people in the country is very natural. People who live in faith for them is Mokshdayini Ganga. But I have to confess that stature, the more I think on the river is vital. Ganga joins us bread. Ganga joins us sustenance. Ganga joins us live a new vigor. Ganga flows such as the country's economic activity, is also a new momentum. A Bhagirath brought Ganga gave us, but to save millions Bgirthon needs. Sometimes these things are not only successful without public participation and therefore for all of us, cleaning, hygiene, will have to become a change agent. It will repeat again and again, have to say. Many attempts are being made on behalf of the government. Ganga whatever the state who are going to try to take full cooperation of states. Social, voluntary organizations also try to add up. Industrial surface cleaning and substantial measures are taken to prevent pollution. In large quantities in the river every day, going in and ravines flowing by way of the solid waste. To clear such waste Varanasi, Allahabad, Kanpur, Patna - places such trash skimmer to clean garbage floating in the water-floating work. It was provided to all local bodies and that it has urged them to continue the run and go clean the garbage. And last week I was told that is where the big effort in the best manner, there is extracted three tons of garbage per day eleven tons. It is true that the same amount of dirt is not spread itself. In the coming days and also plans to put trash skimmer places and people immediately experience the benefits of the Ganga and the Yamuna bank will too. Industrial pollution control for the pulp and paper, distillery and sugar Industry Plan has become an action plan. Some quantity is also valid. Its also good consequences, so for now, I'm guessing.

I am glad that I was told that Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh, there was a distillery in the discharge, the past few officers were telling me that the zero liquid discharge, he has achieved success. Pulp and Paper Industry or Black liquor extraction is almost completely finished. These are signs that we are moving in the right direction and an awareness has also increased. And I noticed that not only the banks of the Ganges, is a person of faraway south, then surely says Sir Ganga cleaning would be it! So that is the faith of the common man, he surely will fetch success in cleaning the Ganga. People are also hygiene Ganga donation. One way the system is being run very well.

My fellow citizens, today, the 24th April. In India 'Pri Day is celebrated as. This day of Panchayati Raj system was introduced in our country today and gradually our democratic polity of Panchayati Raj system in the country as an important unit is operating successfully.

April 14th we were celebrating the 125th birth anniversary of Baba Saheb Ambedkar and today, April 24, 'Pri Day "are forbidden. It was a charming coincidence, the master gave us the Constitution of India, 24 date from that day, the constitution is the biggest strongest, he is our village - connecting both the driving and the Government of the State Governments with cooperation from April 14 to April 24, 10 days from GRAMODAYA ​​Bartoday campaign. It was my good fortune that Baba Saheb Ambedkar's birth anniversary on April 14 Babasaheb Ambedkar's birthplace Mhow me, the opportunity to go there. Had the opportunity to salute the sacred earth. And to date I have 24 in Jharkhand, where most of our aboriginal brothers and sisters live in the land and be today 'Pri Day'm gonna stay and again at 3 o'clock in the afternoon,' Pri Day I country am going to talk to all panchayats. This is a huge awareness campaign has worked. Democratic institutions at the village level in every corner of the country to be strong? How to become self-reliant village? Village of how to plan their own development? Infrastructure is also important, social Infrastructure to be important as well. In the village are not dropout, children leave school, "Beti Bachao - Beti Padhao 'campaign went successfully. Daughter's birthday should be a village festival, several plans, a food donation program in the village. So diverse in so many villages of India with hardly a 10-day program, these are very low. I, all state governments, village heads to congratulate you for this very fundamental way with innovation, for the benefit of the whole village the opportunity, for the development of the village, to the strength of democracy, converted into an opportunity. There is awareness in the villages, the rise of India, is guaranteed. India-based Gram-rise is the rise and rise of the g-forces on all of us will continue to achieve the desired results and will remain so.

Sharmila Dharpure from Mumbai, has already expressed its concern to me on the phone calls: -

"Prime Minister Hello, I am telling Dharpure Sharmila, Mumbai. I ask you, have questions about the school and college education. Such as the need to improve education sector were found to last for many years. The absence of adequate schools or colleges of education quality or lack of education. It has been found that children should complete their education, take them yet often do not know basic things about. That our children fall behind in the race world. What are your thoughts about this sector and how you want to improve it? Please tell us about it. Thanks! "

This concern is very natural. Today, the first a dream of every parent in the family lives, he lives the good education of children. House-train, all the thoughts and minds of people for a country like India, it is the spirit, it is a big power. To teach children and to teach good. Well educated, he must worry - it should move more, more awareness should be. And I agree, that in families where there is awareness, is the effect on schools, teachers and children is also becoming more and more aware that I'm going to school for the job. And so, I, of all parents, parents will insist that the first child, the school took the time to speak in detail of the activities taking place. And some came to mind, and then going to a school, talk to teachers. It is the vigilance, it also can reduce many evils in our education system and public participation, then it has to be. All governments emphasized education in our country and everyone in their own way, the government is attempting. And it is also true that quite a long time, we noticed that the educational institution I stand on this, the expansion of the education system, the schools become, colleges become, teachers are recruited, most children come to school. So, in a way, trying to spread education in all directions, it was more important priority, but so is the importance of detail, improving our education is of even more importance. We have a great deal of detail work. Now, quality education must focus on. Good education literacy campaign now, our priority must create it. So far the calculation of outlay, now we have to focus on outcome. How many come to school yet, it was emphasized, must now force us to learning than schooling. Enrollment, enrollment, enrollment - the mantra was constantly buzzing, but now the children have arrived at school, her good education, qualified education, we have to concentrate on that. You have seen the current government's budget. Attempting to focus on quality education. It is true that much is to serve the very long journey. But if we set a quarter-billion Indians, then, can even cut a long journey. But Sharmila G is true that we need to improve radically.

You have seen that this Budget has been working out of the box. Within the budget, ten State University and ten Private University - give them freedom from the shackles of government and have asked us to allow them to challenge route, you want to do to become the top most University, choose. The plan with the intention of giving them free rein has been kept. The University Universities in India too can become globally competitive, it should make. Along with this is the importance of education, the importance of skill, the same type of technology in education will be a big role play. Long Distance Education, technology - it will also simplify our education and its results will I see in the very near future, so I believe.

People keep asking me on a big long, some people write on web portal MyGov, some people I NarendraModiApp writes and writes most of these young people.

"PM Hello! Mona Karnwal I am speaking from Bijnor. In today's world of sports as well as for youth education is also very important. They should also have a sense of team spirit and a good leader must possess the qualities which made the overall holistic development. Here I am telling my experience, because, I, myself, and the Bharat Scouts and Guides had been in very good influence in my life. I want to motivate you more and more young people. I want too much government, NCC, NSS, and to promote the Bharat Scouts and Guides. "

So suggest you send me, so one day I thought that I should talk to you guys before I do all the talking. If you had the pressure of people, the people you were suggesting, the result is that I now have such a meeting held, was the chief of the NCC, NSS were, Scout and Guide were, Red Cross were the Nehru Yuva the center said. And when I asked him, when first met, he said, No, no, brother, we have freed the country after the first meeting of this kind has occurred. First, I'll do that greeted those young-friends who pushed me on all these things. And the results of that meeting and I felt I was good that I got. I was very co-ordination required. Much going on in their own way, but collectively, organize different types of organizations in our work, so how can big results. And how big is their dispersion, by how many families they have reached. Then I saw them so great extent resolved. And his enthusiasm was too much, something-something was. And it is true that if I'm Cadet itself of NCC, so I know that there is a new view of such organizations, inspires, develops a national approach. As a child, I have had the benefit he received, and I also agree that these organizations must fill out a new life, a new force must be paid. I have placed before them a few times now this theme. I told him that brother, the accumulation of water in the great work of our young season, why not the whole organization. What we try and block, how many districts are shut, open defecation. Open defecation free, how can? To add to the country's creation of programs that can do what we do all organizations common youth-song be? There are many things with them.

I urge you today, you tell me, tell us a perfect idea to go for many youth organizations. His style, you can add new things in the program? NarendraModiApp I will write you, I will convey to the appropriate place and I believe that quite a lot after this meeting to spur them, so then I'm guessing you will feel connected with him, the situation became so said.

My fellow citizens, today we are forced to think of all the things I have to make. As I speak, we also see stirring. You have seen that our country's political stage is such that news of it had been in the last several elections, which party will many gas cylinder? 12 cylinder that 9 cylinder? The election was a major issue. And all parties felt that the middle-class society in terms of reach, the Gas Cylinder is a huge Issue. On the other hand, economists under pressure to reduce the subsidy and its many committees were sitting, to reduce the gas subsidy would come very large offer, there were suggestions. These committees are spending crores of rupees were behind. But living there was talk of the. It is all experience. But it was not thought out. Today, my countrymen, my account, giving you all that I would enjoy and that was the way I chose the third way to rely on public-Janardan. Sometimes we politicians must rely on their own than. I rely on public-Janardan such things-things that you said in year fifteen hundred, two thousand rupees, can bear the burden, why do not you leave the gas subsidy, will be a poor work. I spoke like that, but today I can say with great pride, I am proud of my countrymen.

A-million families volunteered gas subsidy surrender was I, and it was a million households are not rich I'm looking for, a retired Teacher, retired Clerk, a farmer, a small shop with - the middle-class, the following middle-class family who are left I second feature, see the subsidy to leave the mobile phone's app could have done, online could, telephone on the missed call and could have much were ways I but, in terms of it was put out.