Monday, March 28, 2016

Episode #18, 27 March, 2016

My dear countrymen, greet you all very much! Today the Christian community around the world are celebrating Easter. Happy Easter to everyone I'm the stacks.

Note : Translated from Original Hindi Text, Results may not be 100% accurate.

My young friends, you all will be busy in one hand Exam. Some of the exam must have been completed. And for some people that will also test an exam and on the other hand, T-20 Cricket World Cup. You might still be waiting for the match to India and Australia. Recently, the two best match India won against Pakistan and Bangladesh. A wonderful little momentum is visible. Australia and India are playing today, players of both teams, I'll give her good luck.

65 percent of the population is young and we may have been lost in the world of sports! That thing is not paired. Time phase of a new revolution in sports. Cricket in India and we are looking now like Football, Hockey, Tennis, Kabaddi is becoming a mood. Youth today with another good news, I want to tell some expectation. You will come to know this so that next year India in 2017 FIFA Under - 17 World Cup is going to host. 24 teams of the world are coming to play in India. 1951, 1962 Asian Games, India won the Gold Medal in the 1956 Olympic Games, India was ranked fourth. But unfortunately in the last few decades, we have to go on trial prairie, were retreating behind, the disappearance, the disappearance. Today our FIFA ranking is so low that not even have the courage to speak to me. On the other hand I see that these days there is growing interest in Indian Football youth. Be EPL, Spanish League or the Indian Super League match to be. India's youth to get information about it, TV is freeing up time to look at. So to say that the interest is growing. But such a big occasion coming up in India, we will fulfill its responsibility to become only the host? The full year Football, Football, Football and make sense of. Schools, colleges, every corner of the country, our youth, our schools are a tad sweaty-by-level. Football is played all four sides. Then if they will enjoy and that is why we have to host that we should all try to Football village, street to street Phuँchaan how. 2017 FIFA Under - 17 World Cup is an opportunity we falsely Within a year the youth within the Football Jom a new pay, a new pay Jutsah. If the host is a benefit that will prepare us Infrastructure. The game will focus on the essential features. Have fun and get me when we'll add up with every youngster Football.

Friends, I expect you'll do one. The host 2017, the opportunity to be what, a year on how to get momentum in our Football program, how publicity, how to improve the arrangements, FIFA Under - 17 World Cup in India through youth sports how to increase interest, governments, educational institutions, other social organizations, sports event to be stacked to connect with? All we see in Cricket, but the thing is to bring in more games. Football is an opportunity. Can you give me your suggestion? Globally, India is a huge branding opportunity I have to agree. India's youth have the opportunity to identify agree. What's Drmiya Match found, not in the sense that what is lost. Hosted by the preparation, we can Sjo its power, the power can manifest and we can Branding India. Can you NarendraModiApp, you can send your suggestions on this? Logo be like, slogans, how, what in India to spread the methodology, how can songs, souvenirs, so the type of building can become souvenirs. Friends imagine, and I let my every youngster the 2017, FIFA, Under- 17 World Cup became an Ambassador. Do you participate in it, is a golden opportunity to make the Indian identity.

My dear students, the holiday would have thought for the days you travel. But most people have very few people who go abroad in their respective states 5 days, 7 days and go elsewhere. Some people go out of their states. The last time I had asked you where you go from there to a photo, please upload. Tourism Department and I saw that the work can not, who can not work our Cultural Department, the work states, the Government can not, millions of the country that they were migrants. Upload photos of places that were-to see that it was truly a pleasure. The task is to further this time we enter, but this time, write something with him. I just do not! Whatever your creative streak and have it appear at the new place to go to get to learn a lot from watching. Things do not learn in the classroom we find that we do not learn it in the family, the man-thing we learn among friends, they occasionally get to learn more and explore new places to experience the newness is. The people, language, food, living conditions there get to see what is not. And someone said - 'A traveller without observation. is a bird without wings' 'hobby if e Didar, causing the eye'. India is full of diversity. Once you see life will fall out to see, will see the same! Will not mind and I'm ever so lucky to have the opportunity to visit me. He was not the prime minister was not like you had a young age, I was very busy. India will probably not make any District where I might not have the opportunity to go. To create a force of life is seeking and courage in seeking links with youngsters in India is going to run. Curiosity is added gone. Rtaye memorized before he became-making goes on the same route, he wants something new, they want to see something new. I agree it's a good sign. Our young adventure where ever put foot, there should be a stepping his mind.

I especially want to congratulate the Coal India. Western Coalfields Limited (WCL), a Saoner near Nagpur, where the Coal Mines. Eco friendly Mine Tourism Circuit develop Coal Mines that he did. Usually we think of the Coal Mines - ie, stay away. There are pictures of people we see what we feel like going there and saying here's what holds our hand in coal black, so people simply rush off. Tourism destination of the coal to make but I am happy that they have just started and so far more than the nearly ten thousand people near the village Saoner near Nagpur is the meeting of the Eco friendly Mine Tourism. This in itself is an opportunity to see something new. I hope that when these holidays go to stay in the hygiene what you can contribute?

These days, it's looking a thing, even in small amounts, they still have the opportunity to criticize, but even if we say that there is an awareness. Tourist places, people are trying to maintain hygiene. Tourist are also a tourist destination and stay permanently in the place of those who are doing something. Maybe not very scientific manner? But what is happening. As a tourist you 'tourist destination hygiene' on it, you can force it? I believe will definitely help me in my youth. And it is true that tourism, a sector that has the highest employment. Earns poorest and tourist, tourist destination is on. So something will have to be poor tourist. So the rich will pay more. And tourism employment is expected by many. In comparison, India still lags behind the world's tourism. Fourteen hundred million countrymen but we decide that we have to emphasize our tourism so we can attract. A very large portion of the world's tourism draw for us and millions and millions of our country can provide employment opportunities for youth. The government, the institutions are to society, citizens and we all got to work it. Let's try to do something in that direction.

My young friends, the holidays come and go away, I do not like these things. You think in this direction. Your holidays, important years of his life to such an important time, or what? I intend to think of one. Do you have a talent in the holidays, add your personality to the resolution of a new thing, what they can do? If you can not swim, so vacation on the resolution, can I learn to swim a lot, but cycling is not covered, so the holiday in Shall I bicycle shoot I still I by the two computer types, so what I'm typing learn it? How many have the skills development of our personality? Why not learn it? Why do some of our shortcomings? Why do not we make our strengths increases over the very large classes that I should no longer think of a trainer should be very large fees, should budget is not so big. Suppose you decide in your side that I will make best out of waste. Please see, and he began to make some. By evening you will enjoy See See what you made of it in the garbage. You are fond of painting, is not coming, oh, please do not start, it will come. Time your holiday to the development of his personality, his talent for a new, for their skill development and countless field can be sure it is not necessary that I am the same area may be counted . And identify your personality will grow so much confidence in him, and that you will grow. Take a look when you go back to school after the holidays, will be back in college, and his colleagues say that the brother, I learned it on holiday and if she would teach, then he will think that you ruined my friend so big some man came to be sound. It probably would be in their partners. I am sure you will. And tell me what you learned. Tell me !. This time the 'mind', has many tips on the My-gov.

"My name is Abhi Chaturvedi. Hello Mr. Prime Minister, you said that last summer vacation birds also feel hot, we put water in a pot on your balcony or roof must keep, take the bird to come and drink. I enjoy the work and I did a lot of my birds became friends on that. I beg that you return to work, 'mind' repeat. '

My fellow citizens, I am grateful to Chaturvedi Abhi reminded me of the way I forgot the child. And in my mind that this was not something I would say on the subject but that made me remember that last year I Abhi birds in outdoor pottery. My fellow citizens, I want to thank a tad Abhi Chaturvedi. He called me memorize a good job. Last time I remember. And I said that in the days of summer birds in the water to keep your outdoor pottery. Abhi told me that he is doing this work for over a year. And many bird became his friend. Hindi poet of the birds he loved Mahadevi Verma said. He wrote in his poetry - will not let thee away, grains will fill the courtyard and we'll fill in Hod sweetish cold water. Let us live in this thing we do mahadevi. I'll also greeted and thanked by Abhi'll remember that you made me something very important.

Mysore Shilpa Cooke, he has a big sensitive issue for all of us. He came to our house to sell milk, newspaper vendors come, Postman come. Ever go through there a pot sellers, clothes sellers pass. What ever we asked for water they do in summer? What ever we did offer him water? Shilpa very sensitive topic, I am very grateful to you in the simplest way to put large normal. It is right that there is but little warmth between the postman came to the house and we love how it watered. Well, I see in India is nature itself. But I am grateful that the actress did you observe these things.

My dear brothers and sisters, farmers, Digital India - Digital India, you will be heard. Some people think that the world of Digital India is the city's youth. No, you will be glad that a "farmer feature App" is presented in the service of all of you. The "farmer feature App" through when you download it to your Mobile-Phone, you Agricultural, weather-related will find lots of information in your palm. What is the state of the market, what is the situation in the markets, what these days is under good harvest, which drugs are appropriate? It is on many topics. Not only is it a button that connects directly with the scientists, expert adds with. If you have any questions, please be in front of him, he replies, that explains you. I hope that my farmer brothers and sisters, "farmer feature App" to download on the Mobile-Phone. So do some of that work is what you try? And even if you miss some, please let me complain.

My farmer brothers and sisters, is the opportunity for the rest of the summer holidays. But the farmer the opportunity to become even more sweat.

But still more needs to be.

Thanks a lot.