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set windows phone time to 100 years back

Windows 10 Mobile Bugs : what happens when you set windows phone time to 100 years back  Have your ever tried to change the time of your windows phone running windows 10 mobile ? Mostly it is set to automatic update. If you have not then you might have done it in your old Nokia feature phones for sure. (complete demo is at the end of the post)
Nokia 1100 Date and Time Set
I tried to play with "Date & Time" settings in windows 10 mobile build 10586.107 running on Lumia 640 XL. Here are some of the facts I found for the Date & Time,
  • There is a range of 200 years in W10M (Windows 10 Mobile)
  • Minimum allowed time is "January 1 1916"
  • Maximum year that you can reach by doing some stuffs (that's we are going to see) is 2252.
  • If you do able to reach to 2252 then still difference will be 200 years only and minimum time (year) will be 2052 then.
  • W10M is not able to change the time to back if you are connected to internet even if you have disabled the "Set Date and Time Automatically".
  • After altering the time when you do a reboot phone is taking some more time than usual, this clearly means device is internally arranging the time from ROM.
Now you have some idea we can start and see whats wrong with Windows 10 Mobile Date and Time settings.
Step 1:
Turn Off the "Set date and time automatically".
Step 2:
Change the system time from current date say 18/02/2016 to 18/02/1916.
Step 3:
Reboot your device. Here you will see device is taking more time than it usually takes. Clearly something is going in the device and the OS itself.
Once the reboot is done you can go under the settings and can see the current date and time. To be surprised here, the device time is still showing the current (todays) date and time even though we have disables the automatic time update.
Step 4:
We tried something different again here and changed the time back to 01/01/1916 and now lets see whats going to happen now and yes we did turned off the internet connection too.
Step 5:
Again reboot the phone and see what is going to happen on next reboot.
Step 6:
This time device too takes the same time as on previous reboot but when powered on again we got some screen flash for a moments. but the device boots up.
Immediately after the device boots up we saw some of the system update windows written as,
"Restart your phone to complete the installation of the latest phone settings update or get a reminder in 5 minutes"
This could be some of the date and time related hopefully. But we didn't installed the updates and proceed with the another step. We went to to Date and Time setting and tried to see again, we shocked to see the date that it is showing. We saw the current date as 06/02/2052, even though we changed the date to 01/01/1916.
Also we went to see the maximum time present here and we found the maximum year as 2152 here and the minimum year to be as 2052.
We keep on scrolling and suddenly we found that the maximum time(year) has been changed to 2252. Its a strange on seeing it is keep on changing here. As you can see below.
Step 7:
Turn the "Set date and time automatically" this time and see what will happen when we again reboot the device.
After a reboot we find that date and time is set to "06/02/2152"
Step 8:
We turned on internet connection at last and tried just disable and enable again "Set date and time automatically". Doing that time is correct again.
Finally what is the problem here ? You can't set a back date here and you need internet connection to get the current time set on your device.
So that's it for now.
Complete Demo:
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