Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Lumia 650 : The last lumia of year ???

There is been lots of talk going on on the web with many leaks and renders for a upcoming mid range device with model no Lumia 650 which is code names Lumia Saana. 

Seeing the render, this device could be called the Lumia 650, if the time showcased on the phone is anything to go by. Microsoft are known for displaying the model of a Lumia in the demo shots of a device. For example, the Lumia 950 and 950 XL share the time 9:50 in their demo shots, this has been the case with pretty much all Windows Phone Lumia handsets.
According to twitter post of Evan Blass on twitter @evleaks and on venturebeat a Microsoft prototype device has been leaked and Microsoft Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossela confirmed in an interview that Lumia 650 is an upcoming windows phone with not yet decided launched date.
Of course, up until this point, the Microsoft Lumia 650 was a rumored device. Some leaks have said that it would have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 chipset while Windows Central reported Snapdragon 212. It’s a phone we’ve heard conflicting reports about, but Capossela has confirmed that it does exist, whether he meant to or not.
Microsoft has said that from now on, they will produce six phones a year. Two of those would be flagships, which are the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. Two would be low end, which we’ve already seen is the Lumia 550 and now we know the Lumia 650. The final two will be business phones.
So it seems to clear some our though and to windows phone fans too about what can be coming in future to upgrade their handset. Still since there is no announcement made from Microsoft we need to wait till that.
Atleast users of current lumia phones especially lumia 630/635/640 cam consider to upgrade if the final specs are good and above that.
The possible specs can be:
Metallic frame with polycarbonate body design (as seen in leaked image)
5-inch, 720p display with Gorilla Glass protection
1 GB RAM (if it is a successor to Lumia 640/830)
8 GB internal Storage (considering mid range)
MicroSD support (must for 8 GB memory phones)
Snapdragon 410 processor (Snapdragon 210)
8 MP Rear camera and 5 MP FFC
2000 mAH Battery
Windows 10 Mobile
Wireless Charging (not yet confirmed though)