Friday, February 19, 2016

Fix Rich Capture or HDR Mode in Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 Mobile Tips : Rich capture is a feature from Lumia Camera and is merged into the new Camera application.

Rich capture has two modes: On and Auto. The new auto-mode captures multiple images such as Dynamic flash, HDR and Dynamic exposure (low light fusion) when needed. Single pictures are captured for normal scenes, which results in an increased performance and reduced memory consumption.

What does Rich Capture do in Lumia Camera?

Rich Capture is an improved version of the normal auto mode that gives you more options in challenging conditions, allowing you to adjust the photo after taking it. For example, you can use the flash when taking the photo, but remove its effects later. You can adjust the following settings separately or together:

  • Amount of HDR with dynamic EV steps
  • Amount of flash
  • Exposure time for improved low-light results
  • Whats the problem ?

The phone which supports Rich captures and if they do have good internal storage say 16 GB / 32 GB then there will not be likely any problem. The phone with 4 GB / 8 GB of storage often come in situation where they need to use SD card location as there primary storage location.

Now, when we select the default location to SD Card the Rich Capture feature wont work. This has been tested on Lumia 640 XL. We will see the "Choose the best lighting" option for editing the image in rich capture mode but that will not work.

We even tried to do a reset of the phone but things remain same. We dis some R&D on our own to figure out the possible ways to fix it. Here are the changes we made,

  • Changed the default apps installation location to "This Device" from SD Card.
  • Changed the default Pictures save location to "This Device" from SD Card.

Next after that we went again to Windows Camera and tried to capture an image. We we select the "Choose the best lighting" option this time we were able to find a missing plugin installation for this feature to work. The plugin is "Microsoft Photos Plus-in"

Here is the link to download that if it works on your device then.

After again selecting  "Choose the best lighting" option Wolla..... This time we were able to edit the image and are able to set the best lighting conditions too.

Watch the Demo:

Video Link :

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