Sunday, January 24, 2016

Nokia Smartphone Images Leak & Looks To Be Budget Positioned

Rumored Nokia Phones : Not terribly long ago, Nokia broke Microsoft’s hold on them and began planning to create their own smartphones. Due to a non-compete clause, they were unable to manufacture smartphones for awhile. That clause has since expired and the rumor mill has been going wild with possible Nokia

 smartphones after relatively good reviews for the N1 Tablet, powered by Android. While Microsoft still owns the Lumia brand that Nokia made, Nokia can still manufacture smartphones under their own name. After an official statement denying a comeback in 2016, then a confirmation that would be a comeback, Nokia’s rumored smartphones have become an urban legend of sorts. As it turns out, just such a smartphone leaked a while back and it looks like it’s back to confirm its existence and provide us with some additional details courtesy of a leaker on Sina Weibo.

Looking at the images provided, this looks to be a fairly premium smartphone, albeit a bit thick. Sporting a unibody design language the smacks of iPhone 5S and the HTC One M9, the somewhat small phone is a bit taller and thicker than most in its size category, which should make for handling a bit more akin to the candybar phones of old that Nokia was known for. Whether this thickness is meant to conceal a massive battery is not said. Antenna lines flank the back, as well as a rather large and likely high-resolution camera with the flash up top. A very wide SIM slot is present on one side, suggesting either dual SIM or microSD support. A volume rocker and middle power button are visible on the other side panel. A middle power button is rare on such a small handset, but may prove to create a handling experience that is decidedly Nokia.

According to the leaker, the phone is meant to come in under 500 Yuan, or roughly $75. With that sort of price point and a premium build, either this phone is meant as a love letter to a market Nokia’s had a long break from, or significant cuts have been made to keep the price low. Of course, the leak could always simply be wrong. Obviously, a release date and release territories are not on the table at this time and since this matches up to an earlier prototype leak, this may not even be the final design.