Wednesday, December 23, 2015

First Task Manager in Windows 10 Mobile

GIS Support Reviews : Device Diagnostic Hub app brings a task manager to your Windows 10 phone.

Watch the video demo on below link,

You can watch the complete demo and instruction to use on our youtube channel linked below. Just hit subscribe and watch all.

Windows 10 Mobile includes a developer feature called Device Portal, which lets developers connect via http to their handsets and see device details such as running tasks and other diagnostic information.

Now a developer has created an app which connects to that server on the phone and let you access that information directly.

Of note is that you have to enable Device Portal in the developer settings of your Windows 10 Mobile handset, and that to make the app work Authentication has to be off. This would open up your device to be controlled by anyone on the same subnet all the time, without your knowledge, including installing apps.

If you still wish to go ahead, Device Diagnostic  Hub offers a lot, including:

  • CPU + RAM + GPU global usage
  • DISK I/O real-time values
  • Network Download + Upload
  • List of Devices and Drivers, just like the PC “Device Manager”
  • List of every system process running on the phone
  • A collection of every app (XAP / APPX) installed within the phone (and you can run some of them)
  • WiFi network details, with informations about signal power, saved networks, SSID, WiFi channel and Security
  • A button for Shutdown or Restart the Phone with dedicated Tiles to Pin (Tiles are included only with the IAP)
See screen shots of the app below:

To use this feature you need to go to the "update and security"do the following,
  • enable the developer option.
  • enable the device portal.

You can download the app from below.

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