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Windows 10 Mobile Setup and Configuration Tips For First Time User

With my past few videos demo on build 10586 many of the users has now shown interest in updating their phone to W10M. Actually many of you has already done after that.

This shoot this setup video(link below) I was waiting for the OS to get finalized then to shoot and upload for you. So I guess that time has came.

Before I show you demo let me why this is all needed.

Windows 10 Mobile as we know is actually a compressed form of windows 10 that we runs on desktop. Its like a service. When we install the fresh OS, internally so many things are running that are not needed for us. There are some secutity concerns that you should take care of too and also there are so many updates that runs which are not needed anymore, coz those apps your are not going to use too. There are some settings too that can make your phone faster. What I have actually felt too, coz I also dont remember how many times I have updated my phone woth windows 10 builds, its park of my work so have to do that.

Lets start.

Once you planned to updated, you need to take care of few things like backup. You can watch my previous videos for that. Assuming you have updated your phone with latest build.

  • Immediately after the OS installed turn off the internet connection and let your phone in stand by for 10 - 15 minutes. Thats all it will take to install the necessary changes, updates and the remaining apps that has to install.
  • After that go to the store and from the hamburger menu select "Download and Updates". here you will see many apps are being updated automatically. You should pause all. The apps update are needed but not for all, coz you will be going to uninstall first the apps that you dont need. Its you have to decide which one to retain. And yes one more stuff, turn off as of now automatic updates anf live tiles too. Later you should enable automatic update since it is good to have updated apps.
  • Reboot the phone after that.
  • Go to the "Settings > System > Battery Saver". Go to the "Battery Use" option and select "change background app settings". Here choose which app you want to run in background, Dont disable phone and messaging app.
  • Now open Onedrive app. configure it and press the menu option on top left. after clickign you will see setting button on right top corner. select it and make sure the "Camera Upload" is turned off
  • Now go to "Settings > Device > USB" enable 'Notify me if my mobile device is charging slowly over USB'
  • Now goto "Settings > Network & Wireless > Mobile & SIM". Here under SIM settings change the network preference. If you are have Dual SIM Device, make sure to select the 2G for the SIM which you are not using a data connection SIM. and for the SIM with data connection usage make sure to select 3G until unless you are using 4G and if your location doesn't have 4G support. This will save your battery very much. Prefer to have wi-fi connection. For 4G stuff your phone should support 4G. FOr dual sim you should see it like 'SIM 1 setting' and 'SIM 2 setting'.
  • Now goto "Settings > Network & Wireless > WiFi". If you are connected to WiFI turn it off for a moment and under the option 'Turn WiFi back on' select Manually. Turn WiFi on again if you have to connect. Coz we used to toggle wifi on/off from settinsg now unlike in WP8.1 it wont take you to wifi setting page to turn it off. You will think your wifi is iff but it will automatically switch on after few hours and will suck you battery only.
  • Now select 'WiFi Sense' and turn make sure to turn off option 'Connect to suggested open hotspots'.
  • Under the same "Settings > Network & Wireless > Mobile Hotspot", turn off 'Allow anothetr device to turn on Mobile Hotspot.'
  • "Settings > Personalisation > Start", change the option 'Choose Style' to 'Full screen picture'. This will display the background to appp drawer also.
  • Under same setting set the transparency of the image according to you.
  • Now go to "Settings > Update & Security > backup", make sure both the options are turned on to make the backup and click on 'More Options'. Here make sure 'Scheduled Backups' is turned on. Select the app that you want to backup. Usually you should avoid the music apps as they have large data size, but if you have no data usage problem you can select all. After all make sure to run "Back up now", to have the backup atleast once., If by mistake you have disable din background it will not run then, so its good to have it.
  • Now open photos app and go to the options then setting, and check to disable the option 'Show my cloud-only content from OneDrive'. it will save the data each time you use it and make the app work faster as it will run on background to fetch your photos always.
  • Now go to "Settings > System > Storage", select the preferred location whether phone memory or SD card. I will prefer to have apps stored on phone memory and rest of the datas on Sd card. Why coz your SD car may get corrupt or may be removed. You wont losse your apps and data then. But for heavy apps and games if you are running short of space do move your apps using storage sense under system settings.
  • Open Outlook and go to options from three dots and select the 'accounts'. Here you will see the accounts that you are using. Choose the account and and select the 'Change the mailbox sync settings'. Use the following settings here,

1. Based on your preference you can select when to sync contacts and calendars
2. uncheck 'Always download full message and internet images' it will save your data and mailbox size.
3. Select the 'Download email from' option wisely. it will also save your data and reduce mail bix size.
4. Down below you can select what to sync what no not from email, calendar, contacts.

So these are not just all that I have shown that you should do, but they are very important in terms of performance, data saving and device functionality.

Some of them are battery saving related, You can check my previous video for more battery related tips. I am about to create a new video for better and more battery saving tips.

Have a nice day.

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Author : Saurabh Gupta

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