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Windows 10 Mobile - Battery & Related Apps

Welcome to the first video of the series. Let me tell you whats is all about. Is more than 16 months we are in running our windows phone apps. Initally the first app is "Nokia Mobile Phones" which has been renamed to "cellphone from Nokia" due to copyright violation. This app is purely for windows phone support, but since we have aimed to cover all brands and platform so we madea succesor to this "cellphone".


We provide technical support via email there, which is soon going to be paid with universal app launh of cellphone.

From all these years we have received so many emails about apps and related queries. We provide all the best information possible. But we thought to junp in a more accurate way showing and explaining them via video demos. So this series is all about that.

Now what we are going to cover here,
  • Apps which can improve your user experience and performance on windows phone apps.
  • The weekly best selected apps that we will suggest it can be a game or an app. They may be free and paid too. We will try for free aps first.
  • The apps that you are looking for and requested to us in our social channels. 

All the apps that we show here you can find the information in our app cellphone with the detailed links and findings. Make sure you download my app to have all the information on your hand.

Lets begin now then with the most important of all "Battery related apps".

Before I go ahead let me tell you guys some important points. Sinec I am app developer for both the windows and Android so here are some important points that you must understand before looking for any battery related apps. and the purpose of this video for this is not to show which battery app is better but which will give you most of the value of it. So the important points are

  • There is  no such concept of battery performance improvement via any app. Coz windows phone os is not open source unlike Android. You can't get the same way as android apps. Windows phone is self optimized. With windows 10 mobile there are lots of ways you can control apps battery usage and can see its behaviour too. With 8.1 things are limited.
  • Most apps that have names related like "Saver", "Pro", "Pro +", "Tuner" etc, its just way of confusing users. Yes these apps can show you some statistical details like charging information, history of usage, notifications, some estimation of hours remaining. They are add ons not exactly what they claim with their name.
  • No battery related apps has task manager in it like android apps. In windows phone there is no way of killing/disabling apps like in android. If you allow then apps will run in background provided the app must have these feature implemented.
  • No app can show instant battery status updates on standby. As windows 10 background agent runs every 30 minute. Its limitation.

Now why do we need then battery related apps. Excellent question. Here is the answers,

  • Each time you need to swipe down the notification tray to check the battery % and details.
  • In windows phone 8.1 you can pin the battery in the home screen to see a live tile information which is not possible as of now in windows 10 mobile.
  • To see a real time % on menu you need an app now.
  • It is also helpful to see the hours left based on your usage and battery health.
  • Its always good to get battery information as overcharging may damage the phones.

I have analyzed around 15 battery related apps amongst the 283 I guess apps shown. Selection of 15 apps is based on following category.

  • Selecting the first on the top free and top paid
  • Selecting the best rated
  • Selecting amongst the best rated
  • Some random chose by seeing the screenshots attached and making some idea of that.

Lets see some of the demo of the apps. I have found out the best you can and you should use. Its a paid with unlimited trial of most the features except a few.

The apps that I have Used are

#1 : Battery Pro+

#2 : Battery Performance

#3 : Battery Saver

#4 : Pure Battery Indicator PRO

#5 : Battery

#6 : Battery [recommended]

#7 : Battery

#8 : Battery doctor Pro™

#9 : Battery

Now we recommend #6 : Battery,
Our second recommendation is : #4 : Pure Battery Indicator PRO. Atleast it tells what can be done what can't be. But their live tiles has some issues.

Pros :
  • Accurate Information
  • Many new feature customization
  • Transparent Tiles
  • Notification
  • Sounds
  • Charts statistics
  • Time to poweroff
  • Battery Saving Tips
  • Paid app, few features are blocked
  • Tiles are not 100% transparent
  • Limitation due to windows phone OS too
You can watch the demo video of this series too on our YouTube channel also.

Author : Saurabh Gupta

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