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W10 Mobile Shortcuts and Quick Settings

Today we are going to see some of the quick shortcuts that you can use in your phone ruining windows 10 mobile on it.

I am going to give you demo using three device, Lumia 640 XL which has on screen navigation keys and Lumia 1020 with dedicated hardware buttons and lumia 520.

So lets begin,

#1 Double tap to lock your phone. 

On a touch smartphone if you are gonna need to use buttons, then its not a good experience always and with day by day decreasing the product quality and heavy usage of phone can cause your phone button take an example the lock and unlock button. Even my couple of devices button has been malfunctions soon after I bought the phone. So I decided to not to use hardware button. I installed a third party app "Touch and Lock", as you can see in Lumia 1020. It quickly locks the phone. With windows 10 things are simplified. If you phone has on screen navigation keys like in Lumia 640 XL then you can double to lock feature to quickly lock your phone screen and double tap to unlock your phone. Right here you can see how it works.

This is only working for devices with on screen keys or or you can call it navigation bar. Like Lumia 640, 640 XL, 630, etc. The devices with hardware button on body doesn't have this feature. As you can see in Lumia 1020 and Lumia 520, these feature are not available.

To enable this feature simple go to,
1. "Settings > Personalization > Lock screen"
2. Turn on "Double-tap the navigation bar to turn off the screen"

The second feature is,

#2 Double tap to unlock your phone

This feature may not be available in all the devices. For example this is not available on Lumia 630. You need first check it. Here is how you can check it,

1. Go To "Settings > Extras > touch"
2. If you can see the option "wake up" like you can see in 640 XL here.

Lumia 520 users, sorry this feature is there in windows phone 8.1 but not in windows 10 mobile build 10581. Even in phone phone this setting is not even opening. I am not 100% sure. You can let me know in comment if it is there.

A quick note also here : Using these two feature may cause a battery consumption coz this is a software feature and every software that will run in background will take some power.

#3 Quickly navigating to your favorite setting.

The notification and action center has been widely enhanced in comparison to windows 10 mobile. Here is something else that you can also do with these shortcut.

Assume you are running a dual sim phone like i have right here 640 XL and you want to quickly go to Mobile data sim to change it. The usual way is go to

1. "Settings > Network & Wireless > Mobile 7 SIM"
2. so a total of three steps.

There is a shortcut too, well.
1. goto navigation & action center by swiping you finger from top to down on screen.
2. press and hold you finger for a couple of second on Mobile Data.
3. you can see, you directly came in to the mobile data settings.

The same will for other settings also, except a few which doesn't support many navigation action.

The fourth shortcut is,

#4 quickly coming to main setting page

Suppose you can doing some stuffs on the settings sections and you went a few pages deep down. Lets take example of Mobile & Data again. You can see here. Now to come back to main settings page you will simple do back button.
There is shortcut too. Simple press the settings icon on the top left corner as you can see here. It will take you back to the main settings page.

#5 Pin Individual setting to start

This very useful for those who use to access a particular setting very often. For example assume you like to change your background wallpaper daily, like I used to do it, You will daily go to

1. "settings > Personalization > start"
2. here you will change you background wallpaper.

Instead of using these 4 extra steps simple pin the start setting right here to start screen Simple long press on the start setting here and you can see an option pops up "Pin to start". Select it. Thats all. Now to go to main screen and see whether its there or not. Yup you got it here.

SO that's it as of now. You I will come asap with another video for some cool features and tips. In case I have missed anything do let me know. i will add those too in coming videos.

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Author : Saurabh Gupta

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