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Sharing Files Using Bluetooth

How to share file between windows and android using Bluetooth ?

We are back with another tips video for windows 10 mobile.

Today I am going to talk a litte about sharing files between windows and android and vice versa. You all must have used and the transfer of files between windows to windows and windows to android.

From the windows phone things are not simple. Honestly, sometimes they are too wierd. :(

A lot of my friends who used windows phone or are using it have told me, I can't evem share file to android phone as most of them have that.

With the windows phone 8.1, that problem was there. It was a tricky but it was possible to share.

With windows 10 mobile I was hoping things to get simplified, but unfortunately its not. Microsoft didn't worked too much on bluetooth side it seems. i will show you guys here.

I have here a windows phone device and a android phone device.

This orange guy here is Lumia 640 XL running windows 10 mobile preview build version 10581 and this white guy here is moto x play running android lollipop version 5.1.1.

Lets start with a basic and most general ywa of sharing a file.

Suppose you took lot of pictures on your vacation trip and where ever you like to imagine. You went to gallery to have a look back and you want to share it to someone. You can assume anyone. So how do you share it ?

Well the most common way, bluetooth. There are various ways like NFC, wifi sharing but they need compatible resources too. Most phone have bluetooth now.

Please not, I am not considering here to share via soacial apps. OK guys.

Now coming back obviously you will open image and slect it to send to your friend near by by tapping on to share button and select bluetooth.

Lets see on the android here. I am openming an image here and trying to share via bluetooth. click on share button and see bluetooth is here. Yup its here. select. it will ask for switch on bluetooth and letr do it. Switch on bluettoth of other device an he/she might have to do this anyhow.

select the device and send it. Yes done it. Simple and easy.

Now try the same from our orange guy here. The 640 XL.

First turn off the Bluetooth and start from very basic procedure here.

Go to the gallery, select the file and click on share button and select the bluetooth option.

Wow, its not here. Damn. You see back on in white guy the android. It was there. Thats what I was telling in the beginning Microsoft hadn't improved it here.

Now how to do it. There is tricky stuff here.

First turn on the bluetooth here and go to the gallery and select the file to share.

Yup now you can see the bluetooth option here. Let switch on the bluetooth on the white friend of orange, the android moto x. Now try to share over bluetooth again.

Hey now what ???

Here you might see some of the error like, can' transfer file or the device you want to send doesn't support sharing over bluetooth.

Such a pain here to share again. Now you can see again, why my friends are complaing, hoe to share file. Well there is another step left.

Go to the bluetooth again and first pair the device you want to share. Lets pair it. When it shows connected then go to the gallery again and see whether you can share now.

Select the file , share and bluetooth. Now its going.

You see how much complications. Well we finally learned how to do it.

So here it is how to share between windows and android.

you can watch the video demo on our youtube channel also., Just go to below page and see it yourself.

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Thanks for watching and reading.

Author : Saurabh Gupta

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