Saturday, November 28, 2015

Rumour: Nokia is apparently making a new Windows Phone

After Microsoft acquired Nokia’s Devices and Services division back in 2014, it was assumed that that would be the end of relations with Microsoft and Nokia – at least as far as phones are concerned. A new rumour has emerged from a tip given to NPU that Nokia’s high-end smartphone planned for next year will ship with both Windows and Android variants.

We are not sure how likely this rumour is and note that the device doesn’t appear to be 100% similar with other C1 renders (which aren’t consistent with themselves) in the first place) and the probability of Nokia turning back to Windows on mobile – albeit as a side OS as opposed to a main – seems quite low. Yet we can acknowledge (as HTC and Sony have found out) that Android isn’t exactly a magic bullet, so perhaps they plan to hedge their bets.

NPU doesn’t endorse it either as they cannot verify the source’s authenticity because they haven’t worked with them previously.

All that being said, how would you feel about another Nokia handset running Windows? Let us know in the comments below!