Monday, November 2, 2015

Lumia 650 & Lumia 750

Lumia 650 & Lumia 750 under testing in India, reveals Zauba data

Lumia 650 & 750

Zauba’s EXIM data often offers interesting insights into the upcoming Lumia devices under testing in India and reveals many new devices at times. The latest data also reveals that two new mid-rangers are under testing and by the price indicated these don’t look like the Lumia 550 but rather may be the rumored Lumia 650 and Lumia 750.

One of the device that has indicated pricing of Rs 6072 may have a market price of around 11000-12000 INR and may well be the Lumia 650. The other device with indicated pricing of 9901 is certainly more interesting and can well be the Lumia 750 that our sources tipped us as coming in late December. Lumia 650 however is supposedly coming in January-February.

source  NPU