Friday, November 27, 2015

how to reset windows 10 mobile

This post will guide you to reset your phone running windows 10 mobile.

Resetting your Windows Phone will return it to the same state it was in the first time you turned it on. All your personal content will be erased, and the phone will be restored to its factory settings.

If you decide to reset your phone, you can back up apps, text messages, photos, and more to your Microsoft account in the cloud beforehand.

To reset your phone

  • From the Notification and Action center go to "All Settings" or from the App listing go to "Settings"
  • Go to systems
  • Go to the down and select the About
  • Under About swipe down and you can see "Reset your phone"


Be careful. Resetting your phone will erase all content stored on your phone, including apps and games (along with app data and game progress), text messages, call history, music, photos, and more.

Reset warning on Windows Phone image

Author : Saurabh Gupta

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