Sunday, November 29, 2015

Episode #14, 29 November 2015

Fellow Citizens, hello.

Note : Translated using Google translation service from Hindi transcript, hence the results may not be 100% accurate.

The festival will be celebrated during your holidays so well. Will also have the opportunity to go somewhere. With zeal and enthusiasm and new employment will also be started. On the other hand, has also began preparations for Christmas. The festival has its own importance in the life of society. Used for healing ever festive, festive new Urgha ever give. But sometimes in this time of celebration when the crisis becomes more painful, and feel sore. Frequent natural disasters in every corner of the world come reports of the sites. And never be heard or ever have imagined, there are reports of natural disasters such-like. The impact of climate change is growing so fast that we are experiencing now. In our own country, the most significant way in the past and even unseasonal rain showers and a long time, especially in Tamil Nadu, which is the loss of, and states have an impact. Several people were killed. I have all of them in this hour of crisis, his heartfelt condolences to the families do. State Governments are involved in relief and rescue operations in full force. The government always works together shoulder to shoulder. Now a team of Government of Tamil Nadu has been. But I believe in the power of Tamil Nadu despite the crisis once again he will be looking forward very fast. And the country he will continue to play its role in advancing.

But when we see these things in all directions of crises has required a major change. Today, 15 years ago, part of the Department of Agriculture was a natural disaster, because he was limited to maximally natural disasters ie drought. Today, as then, it has changed. Capacity Building work for us on every level is very essential. By civil society, governments, citizens, every petty very scientific institutions will have to work for Capacity Building. Nepal's Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif to Pakistan after the earthquake I spoke. And I suggested to her that we got SAARC countries should joint exercise for the Disaster Preparedness. I am glad that SAARC countries and best practices of a table talk exercise seminar workshop was held in Delhi. There is a good start.

Singh belongs to me the phone has received from Jalandhar in Punjab. "I Lakhwinder Singh, speaking from Jalandhar district of Punjab. We have enough people here to cultivate organic farming and guide about it. I have a question that people who start fires to these farms, wheat straw or how to flick that Mother Earth is to guide these people who are microscopic bacteria, and they are so poor that they are pollution In Delhi, Haryana, Punjab how it got relief. "Lakhwinder Singh and I was glad to hear your message. So this is a pleasure that you are organic farmers. Organic farming not only that they themselves do and you understand very well the problem of farmers. And your concern is right, but it's only Punjab, Haryana happens is not so. Across the country that we are used to people and traditionally we burn crop residue from a similar walk to the path. The first loss was not a style. He was prone to do all we can. Second, what are the measures that were also training. As if they were his due, increased, and today is the crisis of climate change, it has to connect it. And the impact of the crisis to the cities began to hear the little voice began. But you have to express the pain she's right. The first is the way we train our farmer brothers and sisters will have to explain to them that the truth may burn crop residues will save time, effort will be avoided. The farm will be ready for the next harvest. But it is not the truth. Crop residues are also very costly. That in itself is an organic fertilizer. We have wasted it. Not only go if she gave him small pieces so the animal becomes dry-fruit. Second, due to the burning of the upper layer of soil that is water.

Imagine for a moment that my peasant brothers that our bones are strong, we are strong heart, kidney is good, but all over the body when the skin burns will happen? What are we left alive? Whole heart then will not escape alive. If the body of water such as our skin becomes difficult to live. Likewise, the crop residue burning stubble burning not only the stump, the earth mother's skin is burning. Our ground water is the top layer, which is our fertile land pushed toward death. And so it should make positive efforts. The stub once again been engulfed in the ground, even if it becomes compost. Or to put it into a pit heap earthworms and put some water into the best kind of organic fertilizer comes by. The work comes from animal food comes, and not only saves our land, the land must be put into the compost is ready, he is a double benefit.

Banana farmer I once had the opportunity to talk with the brothers. And he told me a very nice experience. He was the first banana cultivation and harvest of bananas ended when the banana was the stub, it occasionally to clear them 5 thousand per hectare, 10 thousand, 15 thousand had to spend Rs. And people who raised him bring tractor-vectors by then he just stood there. But some farmers to prove that the stub 6-6, 8-8 inch pieces and also gave him buried. The experience was so much water in the stem of the banana that is where he is buried, there is no tree, no plant, no harvest for three months, then not need to get out. That stub is water, the water keeps alive the crop. And so today, their stock is also very valuable. This seems to be the proceeds of their stock them. Who would have had to pay for the cleanup of the stub, the stub that today has increased the demand. How big can also benefit small experiment, they are less than our Farmers any scientist.

Upcoming fellow citizens on Dec. 3 'International Day of Persons with Disabilities' the whole world will remember. The last time the 'mind' I 'Organ Donation' was discussed. 'Organ Donation' helpline on NOTO for I also had a discussion and I was told that the phone calls to mind the point that growth was nearly 7 times. Was two-fold increase on the website. On November 27. 'Indian Organ Donation Day' was celebrated. Many well-known people of the society took part. Including actress Raveena Tandon, very prominent people connected to it. 'Organ Donation' can save valuable lives. 'Organ donation' to a kind of immortality comes by. In another part of the body is a body part that gets a new life, but that life gets a new life. What could be greater than the best charity. Waiting for Transplant patients, organ donors, organ transplantation launch a national registry 27 November has been. NOTO's logo, donor card and the slogan design '' by a national competition was held and Tazzhub to me that so many people had so much, in so many innovative way and said these words with great compassion. I believe that this sector will grow even wider awareness and the good will help the needy in the true sense, because they can not get help from anywhere and unless someone does not donate.

Like I explained before December 3 handicapped Day is celebrated. Physically and mentally disabled they are rich in a unequaled courage and strength. Sometimes the pain occurs anywhere ever gets ridiculed. Sometimes a gesture of compassion and mercy are. But if we change our point of view, their side-view change these people can inspire us to live. Some passes can inspire. If we have a small problem to cry sit. The reminder that the crisis is very small mine, how does a living? Here is how to win? How does it work? And so these are the source of inspiration for us. Their determination, their life and the way to deal with the crisis in the ability to convert their ardor is touching-zoster.

Javed Ahmed, I want to tell his story today. 40-42 is the age. 1996 K, Javed Ahmed was shot by insurgents. They have become victims of terrorist attacks, but survived. However, due to the bullets of terrorists kidney forfeited. Intestine and lost a part of the intestine. The spinal injury was serious nature. The ability to stand on their feet forever gone, but he did not give Javed Ahmad. Terrorism could not hurt her mind. His own spirit, but the big thing is, an innocent person without reason have suffered such a serious problem, youth threatened but no resentment, no anger turned into this crisis Javed Ahmed sensation. He devoted his life to social service. But not with the body of 20-year study of children they have sunk into. How to improve infrastructure for physically challenged people come? Public places, government offices, go to develop arrangements for the disabled? They are working on it. Shield his studies in the same direction. He took a Master Degree in social work and as a philanthropist, as a concerned citizen of the disabled as a messiah they are today is a silent revolution. JA What's life in every corner of India is not enough to give us inspiration? Javed Ahmed I's life, and his dedication to his austerity December 3, particularly miss. Lacking time, even if I'm talking to Javed, but in every corner of India are the inspiration Deep Water. The new lights are living, are showing the way. December 3 that all everyone is missing the opportunity to get inspiration from them.

Our country is so vast. There are many things in which we are dependent on governments. Middle-class person, a person of lower-middle class, poor, oppressed, victimized, exploited, deprived them of the government's relationship with the government is consistent with the arrangements. And as a citizen in life sometime some government clerk comes comes from bad experience. And we have a few bad experience life changes our way of looking to the government system. But the truth is, sometimes even millions of people sitting in the government service with the attitude, the attitude of dedication, good work that you do not ever come in our view. Sometimes we do not even know, because it is so obvious that we do not know any official order, a government employee that is working.

ASHA Workers in our country which is the country network. We the people of India in connection with ASHA Workers sometimes I did not mention you'd heard. But I Bilgets Foundation's world-famous family entrepreneur when his success as the world has become a precedent and Milindagets Bilgets Such joint Padma Vibhushan them we had last time. Social work in India. Whatever he earned his pension and lifetime is the time to work for the poor when they are expending come, see and Whatsoever ASHA Workers have had the opportunity to work with them, praising her so If, so appreciative, and they have so much to say that what they hope-worker's dedication is so hard. There is so much to learn new and fresh enthusiasm. All of this, he explains. Recently, the Orissa government on Independence Day of the ASHA Worker respected. Orissa's Balasore district Tendagav a small village and there is a hope-worker's entire population-Tribe's schedule. Scheduled tribes there are people is poverty. And malaria affected areas. And a hope-worker of the village "Jamuna Manisinh" She was determined that I will not die of malaria in the Tendagav. They go from house to house when the news reached the little bit of fever Janalusko treatment based on primary arrangements are taught to look for. The use of insecticide mosquito nets to emphasize that every home. As an only child care as well and should be sleeping so ASHA Worker "Jamuna Manisinh" village, mosquitoes are to escape from it all dedication that work. And he battled malaria, ready to fight the whole village Kiakaese so many "Jamuna gem," he said. How many millions of people who will be at our side. We have a little respect from their side Dekengelaese people of our country to become a big power. How happiness and suffering of society's become a great friend. I ASHA Workers such as "Jamuna gem" I glorified through them.

My dear young friends, I especially for the younger generation on the Internet, are active on social media. MyGov 3 eBooks that I have laid on. EBooks have a clean driving incidents in India, lawmakers and health sector in relation to the model village on, in relation to health. I urge you, you see it. Option Not just show it to others and you may read some things to add to the mood. Then surely you '' Please send.