Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Using Private Notification

If you are already using windows 10 mobile preview or soon going to use it, Its always better to know shortcuts and tips. That's way you are gonna like your phone, coz you can make it personal too in this way.

One of the best feature of the windows pone is the notification feature. Unlike android and ios windows phone has two ways, no its actually three. The first one is Banner and second is notification panel and the last is lockscreen notification.

One of the cool hidden feature that isn't there built in any OS whether its iOS or Android is making your notification private if your phone is locked. Obviously if you want to hide your notification you can disable the notification tone or can disable the notification and you will ne keep on thinking and keep checking your phone, ok lets check if any message or in general any notification is there.

This can be especially useful for your boyfriend or girlfriend or some special notifications that you want to hide the name too. See the above image for a situation when someone holding your phone and a message pops up.

So lets start.

There are two places you need to do some changes.

- The first place is in the app itself.
- The second place is in the settings of the phones.

So this will work for all the apps that have notifications features.

I will give you a demo with the popular messaging apps whatsapp.

Within the app there are two options in generally,

  • Disable Notification
  • Disable message preview

- Using the first option will completely turn off the notification for that message.
- Using the second will still show the sender name but not the message. Not so secure.

Now the another setting to do is,

1.Go to the "settings > systems > notification & actions"
2. Here for each app that has notification and you want to turn on private notification go to their settings as below shown.

By default the "Keep notification private on lock screen" is off. So you need to make this turn as shown below to work for.

After making this change the message will come as written private. See below image,

If you like the ringtone then, it is from the upcoming  lumia 950/950 XL. You can check in my app cellphone for a detailed download instruction and setting it up.

You can check the "Windows 10 Hands on" for detailed video demo.

Author : Saurabh Gupta

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