Sunday, October 11, 2015

Real-Life BlackBerry Priv Photos Make Their Way Online

According to a thread on Reddit (via CrackBerry), original poster imsorandom was lucky enough to attend a CISO conference in Toronto in which he managed to bump into a BlackBerry executive (no names were given, obviously) who allowed him to give the handset a once over and to snap some photos.

Like we said it isn’t really that much of a secret now, but we have to admit that the phone looks pretty good in real-life. According to the poster, “I must admit, it’s a VERY nice device. It was actually thinner than my Note 5! It also seemed snappy and smooth, and the keyboard was also very nice. It had full access to the Play store as you would expect, and he had a few apps loaded. The screen was very nice with a high PPI, and it seemed to curvey around the edges.”

Unfortunately in terms of hardware specs, not much is known about the phone for now, at least not officially. There’s still no word on when BlackBerry will make it official, but we do know that the company has a lot riding on it. Earlier BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen stated that the Canadian company may exit the smartphone business if in the next year, they are not profitable.