Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Microsoft demos Continuum as Lumia killer feature

Those of you who are doubting the future of Microsoft Windows phones aren’t alone. It’s taken Microsoft forever to announce these products, at a time of a very aggressive smartphone market. Still, Redmond spent a great deal of time showing us the power of Windows-powered smartphones through Microsoft Continuum, and this service is clearly on a class of its own.

Microsoft has shown us the power of Windows 10 universal apps, and how you won’t be limited to enjoying these from your smartphone. To do so the company showed us a new Display Dock that turns your Windows 10 smartphone into a computer, and which now explains the reason why the new Lumia flagships have such powerful hardware. This new Display Dock allows you to connect a 1080p monitor through DisplayPort or HDMI, and also three USB peripherals. Once you connect your Windows 10 smartphone, this extends the smartphone to display a new user interface on the monitor that resembles a Windows desktop, and allows you to use the Universal Apps as if you were using a full computer, with all the multi-tasking 9 yards that you can think of.

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