Thursday, October 29, 2015

Episode #13, 25 October 2015

My fellow citizens, you greet everyone. Mind you once again to join with all of the good fortune I've had. India - South Africa is going to play in the fifth One-day match in Mumbai. This series named "Gandhi, Mandela 'series has been. Yet the series is exciting twist. Both teams won two matches. And therefore has increased the importance of the final match. My greetings to all the players.

Note : Translated using Google translation service from Hindi transcript, hence the results may not be 100% accurate.

Today I want to congratulate friends AIR Kannur center. I must therefore congratulate the 'mind' to start so many people moved to join him. Kerala, one of the 12 th student reverence Thombn were related. Kannur Centre later called him, and held a ceremony and create an atmosphere quite some feedback. Create a sense of warm. And a 12th grade student awareness of Kannur radio station received by the trust. He rewarded. Kannur of radio station that got me the inspiration. If a radio station in the country and I would like in their territories thus be aware and active attention to the people running the country from the public participation is our purpose it will be a new force. Kannur radio station and therefore I very much from the heart to all colleagues greetings, congratulations. I would once again like to speak today in Kerala. Kochi Chittoor the students of Saint Mary Upper-primary School has sent me a letter. Several letters have the special. One of the girls in his thumb made a picture of Mother India, very large clothes. It's Mother India, India sent me that picture of the map. At first I was surprised that one of her thumb Why the map of India. But when I read her letter, I have come to realize how wonderful they are symbolic message. These Balikayen who has just attempted to wake the prime minister, it is not. That, in my region, are trying to make people aware of their mission and the 'organ'. Organ donation is for the public awareness campaign. They have also staged several theatrical and going places, so that people understand the spread of organ donation. Organ donation became a sense of humour.Aunty and nature. The girls wrote me in a letter, that you speak your mind about organ donation in the appeal to it. Some 80-year-old master in Maharashtra Vasantrao Sudke. They are always a movement run. They say organs should make a celebration. These days a lot on the phone call I get the message. Devesh Delhi also gave me such a message. 'I am very happy with the government initiative on the organ donation and steps towards creating a policy on the same. The country really needs support in these tongues where people need to go out and help each other and the ambitious target of one per million organ donation in a very productive steps taken by the government. This topic is very important so I think. In the country every year more than half a million kidney, heart and liver donation is needed. But a quarter-billion in the country, we are able to succeed only to transplant thousand. Every year a million eyesight needs. And we can access only twenty-five thousand. Four eyes are needed, we just end up. Road accident death can donate the organ of the body. There are also some legal implications. States also attempted to guide in this direction has been.

Some states by reducing the paperwork to get the speed is quite good effort. Today I can say, that organ donation organ donation in Tamil Nadu is in the forefront. Several social organizations, several NGOs are very good work in this direction. to promote organ transplant Nation Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTO) has been established. It also provides a 24x7 Helpline 1800114770. And so it has been with us, "Thane Tykten Bhunjitha 'sacrifice is the joy, the very good description' Thane Tykten Bhunjitha 'is the mantra. Last week we all saw on TV that Delhi's GB Pant Hospital, a poor Market vendor, hawker, his wife was the Liver Transplant. And the Liver by special arrangement was brought to Delhi from Lucknow. And that the operation was successful. A life is saved. "Organ donation Mahadan '. 'Thane Tykten Bhunjitha "We adhering to the spirit and the thing we must emphasize.

Fellow Citizens, we have just celebrated the festival of Navratri and Vijayadashmi. After a few days of the festival and also celebrate Diwali. Eid celebrated, Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated. But in the meantime, the country is going to celebrate a great festival. We're proud of all countrymen, be presumptuous. Coming from 26 to 29 October in New Delhi, capital of India 'India-Africa Foreign Summit' to be held. On such a large scale for the first time on Indian soil is being conducted. Cwvn African countries and leaders of the unions have been invited. Out of Africa African countries is one of the largest conference. India and Africa are deeply concerned. The population of India is as much of the population is African countries. And the mix of one third of the world population so we are. And adds millions of years ago, it was the same terrain. These two pieces are separated from the Indian Ocean. We have much equity. India's living creatures-creation of the universe and Africa are very similar to the type. Natural resources also have our very closely. And nearly 27 million people in India, these countries are inhabited by very long period. India's economic ties with African countries, cultural ties, diplomatic relations, but most African countries to train the younger generation in India is very large, important role. Human Resource Development, Capacity Building 25 thousand more African student studied in India. And today are the leaders of African countries, in India are reading. How deep is our bond. This Summit is an important part of that vision. Normally the head of the Summit is to meet the different countries. The Summit is a meeting of leaders in the same way. It is our endeavor to see that the union of these people must be.

And this time, the Government of India, particularly the HRD Ministry has a very good program. Every CBSE affiliated school of their children between the 'Essay Competition' was the program, the program has been writing poems, their participation was scheduled. More than 16 hundred schools participated. India and outside India also had school. And hundreds of thousands of school children wrote the India-Africa relations to support the things. On the other hand, the birth of Mahatma Gandhi at Porbandar land 'Memories of Mahatma' an exhibition, mobile exhibition Porbandar while touring the northern states is reaching Delhi on October 29. Millions of school children visiting the exhibition, people saw villages. And Africa and how great the role of Mahatma Gandhi in India's relationship was, the impact of Gandhi's personality was so on both terrain, be it people, recognized. It was a competition, were works of the very best kind. My mind is made toward a composition, I felt good, so I want to tell you. Our small area school children are so promising, their vision is so broad, and how deeply, think it is the philosophy. Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, there is dignity Gupta wrote a poem in competition. And he wrote great. she has written -

Nile in Africa, the ocean is called 'red'.
The continent is vast, prosperous Diaspora ..

Such as the Indus Valley Civilization, the identity of India.
The Nile and Carthage, the great African civilization ..

Gandhi started movement from Africa.
It all runs on magic, won the hearts of all ..

Johannesburg or Kingston, or Chad Zimbabwe.
In all African countries, joins our potato-licking ..

Shall then write to write, several thousand row.
From the jungles of Africa, which I love ..

The poem is very long, but I've told you a few things. So this is the Summit Indo-Africa. But what opportunity is created to connect people to people, it is clearly visible to us. I have dignity, all the children who took part in it, more than 1,600 schools and the HRD Ministry Many greetings.

I plan on August 15 last Parliament on a proposed model village. Then the task of realizing many MPs friends. There were large-hearted. Last month, a workshop took place in Bhopal. Where they are in perfect village, there's head, there's collector, there's some MPs, Government of India, the state-government model village plan to get all deep discussions on the subject. What kinds of new things came into focus and encouraging greater attention came in. Sure, some things I want to bring to your attention ... Jharkhand, a way bigger state, tribal area. Unfortunately Maoism, extremism, bomb-shotgun, ensanguined earth when it comes to Jharkhand hears the whole thing. Under the influence of these left-wing militants But there are many areas in ruin our MPs, the very large senior and deputy-speaker of Parliament are also, Mr. Karia Munda-law, his life for Aborigines was Kpai is. He Prsi rural district of Jharkhand Kunti chose to create a model village. Militant, left-wing government messengers there was the secret of where to go for walks was difficult. The doctor could not be reached. He himself began to be known, people have confidence in, the government tried to fill life arrangements. Officers encouraged to come and the atmosphere was that of a long-dumps, desire to pass some of it. Infrastructure in the village as well as arrangements of popular and a very successful attempt to awaken the public awareness, Jharkhand village was the Prsi. I congratulate the honorable MP Mr. Karia Munda law.

I received a report from the same AP. Andhra MP Ashok Gajapathi Raju G model village plan and he absorbed himself in Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh Dwarapudi rural village chosen for the model. If the system is, however, he did a great job especially innovative. He has students in schools there because they have a job in the new generation of education for the village was lucky, but the older generation of the village is illiterate, they were the older children told him that every day your Mom Father is teaching in this class and they sort of school education for children in the morning and evening to make teacher education gives children. And about five hundred fifty-nine adult illiterates taught to these children, they were literate. Now, society does not have a budget, a Circular, no special arrangements, however, how big changes can be brought about by will, they get to see the GP Dwarapudi.

As a member of our esteemed sir c. L. Ruwala, the Mizoram MP, the North-East ... He chose to Kwalahilng model village to village and town they ever did a special job, Sugrken, sugarcane production in the state is famous enough for molasses Kurtayi . Mr. Ruwala Minister Sugarcane Festival in the village of Kut began on March 11 Kurtayi night.Leaving the united people of the region. There were old people of public life, also came out from there, government officials and sale of sugarcane production increased Gyilgav for him to set up an exhibition can be made to the center of economic activity, the village of the production to market Can be done. Creating a self-sufficient village with perfect village literally in his attempt to greet Mr Ruwala law officer.

My dear brothers and sisters, be a thing of the mind and how it may have come not a matter of hygiene. I sent the message by telephone from Mumbai Savita Rai is a "preparation for Diwali every year we are clearing their homes. This Diwali outside our homes as well as their environment clean build and maintain clean him after Diwali. "He drew attention to the right thing. I want to remind my fellow citizens, after the festival of Diwali last year in our country, especially the media ran a great campaign and after Diwali crackers had to wherever he showed everything and he is not that right? An awareness campaign was run by the media. And the result was that it was immediately after Diwali on a clean campaign, you had to walk was so true that you do not worry as we first festival after festival Chahiyekhr to be in the public program needed. And today in particular I wish to greet India to all media. Last October 2, Mahatma Gandhi's birth anniversary and on the Clean India campaign a year by India Today Group I 'Sfaigiri Conference had the privilege of being involved in. And I was looking at the Clean India Awards, he also operates many of the activity. How-how for it yourself 'One Like One Mission "working like. How-how are in our country who were exposed to so many things here are kept clean and I find that time India The commendable work of the group was greeted by heart. But when I saw the cleanliness campaign missions have shown that Andhra, Telangana and especially by the ETV Eenadu Mr. Ramuji Rao their age, but their enthusiasm is so great that there is less than a youngster. And he has a personal hygiene program has made, the mission is made. ETV through continuously promote the work of the past year that are sanitary, his stories are in their newspapers and they are focusing on the positive news in regard to hygiene.