Tuesday, October 27, 2015

App Manager in Windows 10 Mobile

If you have used Android and iOS devices, there is a pretty nice feature is app manager. Where you can checkout the list of installed apps with few features.

Also let me take you a few year back. You might have used Nokia's symbian phone for example the Nokia 6600. Right now I cant show you 6600, its in my other office, but I have another device with me Nokia N81. A very cool feature is "App Manager" in those device. Where you can go to install and view the certificates and uninstall the apps. There for no direct option during app selection. So the same feature is available now in windows phone 8.1 too but it is not as descriptive as we have in android and ios devices. With windows 10 mobile now it is a bit good than windows phone 8.1

So lets go to our lumia phone.

1. go to "settings > system"
2. scroll down to "storage"
3. click on "This Device"
4. Let the storage usage be populated
5. Now click on "Apps & Games"

Here as you can see the list of apps that are populated. You can uninstall the apps that you want to based on the usage and your interest. You can also move them to external memory if supported.

But the features here can change too. As you can see in build 10536 on Lumia 1020 we have multi slect and uninstall feature available. But on build no 10572 it is not.

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Author : Saurabh Gupta

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