Thursday, October 1, 2015

2.5D Curved Tempered Glass : Mobikare Pro (Recommended)

Welcome back again readers. Today we will be reviewing tempered glass for Lumia phones. Concept of tempered glass  started just less than 2 years be before, when screen-guards were at their peak.

While screenguard is nice way to protect your phone from scratches. They are various types, glossy, matte, clear, ultra thin and various more. Before using tempered glass we used these screen guards on all of our Lumia  phones. The few problems with screenguards are as below,

  • Just scratch proof from nails and etc.
  • Very costly sometimes.
  • Bubble problems until you are very expert.
  • No protection from drops and direct hits on screens.
So far after using the tempered glass from MobiKare Pro, we are quite satisfied. We are goona give a quick review and recommend it use it. The latest is curved glassed with angle 2.5D. While it feels premium too when you swipe your finger across the glass from back to screen. During the day to day test we found this glass is very much capable to hold direct hits and falls up to mark. 

We have following day to day accidents as below,

  • Fall of phone e.g. Lumia 520, 630 DS from hand to from height of 5 feets to ground both direct and from side too. The glass has been broken and the phone screen is very much intact. The glass even works after that too to handle further damage too.
  • Fall of items like phone and some solid materials to phone surface. The phone screen is still well protected.
  • Scratches upto nil even after rubbign very hard from keys, coins, nails etc.

While we have done any field level or company level test, since we get only these kinds of accidents only, not a bullet fired on the phone :). so we are happy with these.

We have also tried various other tempered glass too but we are quite happy using these only.

We are showing you a few images of Lumia 640 XL to you. Oh yes we forgot to mention a good point, while applying the glass if the glass isn't fit perfectly you can peel of the glass and can apply again to phone even after a week too, it will stick again. :)

See the video demo on how to,

In India you can buy it from We are putting direct link for Lumia 640 XL. You can search further with your model no. I am also mentioning a seller reference from ebay India page, for your reference.

With this seller link you can ask for your product also.

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Author : Saurabh Gupta

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