Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Lumia 940 Release Date & Price: 7 Best Features of the Smartphone

1. Windows 10 for mobile
The Microsoft Lumia 940 will be the first ever smartphone to come with Windows 10 for mobile, right out of the box. According to Geek Snack, there may probably be a much intuitive UI on the device and being powered by Windows 10, should result in great performance on the phone.

2. Sharp Snappers
The phone will carry a mean 20MP PureView Camera as well as a 5MP front-facing one to capture those beautiful selfies. A leaked sample image by @Ricciolo1a, which is thought to be snapped by the Lumia 940, and its EXIF data indicated that a 20MP camera was at play. @Ricciolo1a also reported enhanced image stabilization capabilities. So Lumia fans could quite possibly expect the phone to carry a neat 20 camera with optical image stabilization, on its back. It will also feature a Short Pulse variable-tone LED Flash, according to WMPoweruser.

3. Super-charging Capabilities
Earlier reports on Softpedia have indicated that Microsoft has worked on advanced charging capabilities for the device, which includes the phone being charged right up to 85% in just about 25 minutes. With no confirmations, the news should be taken with a grain of salt. However, there is no denying it would be a really nice to have the capability on the device.

4. Upgraded Specs
Lumia 940 will sport a 5.2-inch screen with 1080p resolution and possess 32GB of storage, 3GB AM and could come powered by a Snapdragon 808 processor. That’s not all, an iris scanner, native pen support, USB Type-C port are expected to be onboard as well. According to Geek Snack, the device could possibly also ship with 128GB internal storage to compete with the likes of the new iPhone which may be unveiled at the Apple event to be held on Wednesday.

5. Sleeker with Polycarbonate Back
As opposed to earlier rumors about the Lumia 940 coming with a metal back, the recent reports have consistently indicated at a polycarbonate back on the device. Also, the flagship device from the company is expected to be much sleeker.

6. Upgraded Cortana
The report on Geek Snack indicates that Lumia fans may be introduced to the upgraded version of Microsoft’s virtual assistant, Cortana. It will be interesting to see additional features on the assistant and its capabilities with Windows 10 for mobile.

7. Splashed in Colors
According to GSM Arena, the Lumia 940 could arrive splashed in a variety of colors, including bright orange and green along with white, black as well as gold.
Lumia 940 will be launched on October 19 and released through AT&T and T-Mobile in the US, during the 1st or the 2nd week of November. The pricing may just be on the higher end since the phone could possibly retail for over $600. With no confirmation, the October 19 event will make it quite clear whether the rumors were a hit or a miss.