Monday, September 21, 2015

Internet Sharing Limitations in Windows Phone

In the world of smartphone, internet is only technology that each smartphone owners has to use. From day to day life we need working internet connection that should be fast and reliable.  Quite often it requires to share your internet connection with your other device like other smartphone, PC, tablet or even a desktop too.

People who are from technology background owns a laptop or a desktop along with their smartphones. Even now a days non technology person also a backup device like smartphones that is internet enabled now a days.

With the huge demand of internet and consumption in general people don’t think to have a separate data connection on each device they are holding. They want to use one device shared to many device when needed.

I am going to put my example here, being a technology majors and lovers I am personally having two laptops one desktop and many smartphones including both the windows phones (6 Lumia phones) and couple of Android phones (Nexus and Doodle 3).

I mostly use my Lumia 1020 for major data pack being a 4G LTE capable phone. Due to  work routine I need to travel a lot on flight, train and during  driving.  I used portable router and data car due to my requirement. But that doesn't work good due to low bandwidth an frequent disconnection and drops.

I tried to use Mobile Hotspot from my Lumia 1020. There comes the problem,

  1. The battery got drains to almost 50% within 45 minutes to use. Keeping phone plugged in and using the same keeps my mind to think and check the phone after few minutes, I keep on saying after each time I check "My God its like burning, Let switch off the phone it might explode or damage the phone." Now can you expect such a performance from 42K phone. Just coz it has 41 MP camera I need to take care of it.
  2. After a few accidents I recharged my Android Doodle 3 and used it as backup internet. The best part of android I like here is that I can share my internet via USB also. It keeps my phone charging at a slow rate and keeps internet working in parallel. The device cost is around 7000 INR and it does provide a good backup of whopping two days.

Why Microsoft hasn't provided USB internet sharing to windows phone ? Somewhere Microsoft has to think, do they really just want to make money by getting revenue more than what they have invested or they have to win peoples heart and trust as Nokia did for decades and its shattering under Microsoft roof day by day.

Note: We don't promote nor we are against any of the device, brand and their product. This is personal opinion of the person writing the blog and expressing his observations.

Author : Saurabh Gupta

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