Saturday, September 26, 2015

gadgetshieldz Full Body Protection

Back in 2000's somewhere around 2002-3 some local shops started to do lamination over the complete phone with the hair drier. That was very good solution for protecting the keypad and body from damage.

The similar concept has been applied to now smartphones. Fee things has been changed, instead of hair drier we have self adjustable plastic and completely designed for a exclusive phone.

I searched a lot of items for some of my Lumia phones particularly for Nokia Lumia 1020, which has a big camera hump. If you apply full body case, the phone started to feels like palm talk not phone anymore. I want something sleek which can save the while shining of the phone. During searching in YouTube I get the "gadgetshieldz".

Let me tell you what exactly this product it is. It's "The Ultimate In Scratch Protection". They design this exactly for each phone no, which means you don't have to worry of fitting it in the phone, they are divided in pieces for each corner and they fit very fine. See the images below more details,

you can see each side has a different-2 designed piece that can fit the phone perfectly. The good thing is they claim its a complete scratch proof. Some of the Nokia phones like Lumia 1020, 930 etc has curved screen. There is no perfect tempered glass/screenguard that can fit it. We have tried it in various ways from various products. None that can fit except this.

See the various images of our lab phone lumia 1020, that we have applied this product. Its been 4 months we are  using it and its very fine and recommended for someone who don't like to put on extra cases and covers on their phone.

To apply this product there is different technique. All things will come from the package. Remember to order Installation Kit for the first use, it won't cost more but its safe to use genuine product. You can directly purchase it from the product website or from eBay India page also.


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There are couple of videos on youtube also to see how it applied. We will add those videos to extras and tips video section.

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Author : Saurabh Gupta

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