Sunday, September 20, 2015

Episode #12, 20 September 2015

My fellow citizens, you Hello everyone! 'Mind' of the twelfth episode, and when compared to a year has passed. Last year, on October 3, the first time I 'mind' had the good fortune to. 'Mind' - a year, many things. I do not know what you've found, but I can say that certainly, I found very few.

Note : Translated using Google translation service from Hindi transcript, hence the results may not be 100% accurate.

In a democracy, the people's power is immense significance. My life is a fundamental thinking and manpower because my faith is great. But the 'mind' which taught me, which explained, to which the experience, I can say that what we think, even more manpower is infinite. Our ancestors used to say that public-Janardana, it is a part of God. I 'mind' can say from my experience that a very large force into the thinking of our ancestors, the great truth, because I have experienced it. 'Mind' I was asking for suggestions from people and maybe every two or four suggestions was unable to hand. But the number of millions of people continued to be active and I suggest. This in itself is a very large force, or the prime minister, and told, write on, sent the letter, but once we got the chance, then who might be disappointed. But I did not do it.

Yeah ... I'm a very big lessons taught by these millions of letters. Government information I received concerning difficulties many fine and I also voice greetings that he considered these suggestions just one paper, to be a common man aspires. He then performed. The government called in the different departments and public-AIR Janardhan observations which were placed before them. Some tried to get things resolved. Our different departments of government, and that analysis of those papers which are things that are policy matters? What are those things, which are the person causing trouble? What are those things which are not in the government's attention? Many things began to go to the government from grass-root level and it is true that a fundamental principle of governance that information should be upwards from below and from above guidance should be downwards. These information sources, 'mind' would become, where they thought anyone? But it has to be.

And so the 'mind' of the expression of the soci has a chance. I was told that such a day selfies With Daughter (selfie daughter) and the whole world was surprised, perhaps all countries in any form or by any number of millions selfies With Daughter (selfie daughter) and daughter got what dignity. And when he selfies With Daughter (selfie daughter) had, then my daughter was so encouraged, but also a commitment that produced within. When there were people, they felt that indifference towards girls will have to leave now. Was a Silent Revolution.

India's tourism keeping in mind I just told citizens, "Incredible India", the Well, even if you do go, you have a good picture, then send it, I will see. Simply spoke light refreshments, but what the hell was great! The number of millions in every corner of the country such-like pictures people sent. Perhaps the Government of India tourism, the tourism department of the state government would have never thought that we would legacies such-like. All things came to a platform, and the government has not spent a penny. The job has increased.

I'm so glad that occurred last October, before my first 'mind', so I had mentioned and people like Gandhi Jayanti, I had prayed October 2 we are celebrating the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. There was a time, for Khadi Nation (Khadi for Nation). What time is the reminder that Khadi for fashion (Khadi for Fashion) - and people buy it, I had asked you khadi. Please slightly. Today I say with great satisfaction that in the last one year is almost double the sales of khadi. Now this is not an official advertisement. Billions of rupees has been spent. A feeling of manpower, a sensation.

Once I 'mind' said the poor-burning stove in the house, the children are crying, poor mother - gas cylinder should not he? And I prayed to rich people that you can not do what subsidy surrender? Think ... and I want to say today with great pleasure that the country's three million families have left the gas cylinder of the subsidy - and these are not rich people. I had seen on a TV channel that a retired teacher, a widow woman, she was standing in the queue to leave subsidy. The general mass of society, the middle class, lower-middle class, for whom the subsidy is difficult to leave. But these people left. What is the Silent Revolution? What these people do not see power?

Governments also have to learn the lesson that our government is working in the doorway, the door of a huge manpower capable, energetic and resolute society. The society driven by governments are moving to the more society changes can serve as a good catalytic agent. 'Mind', I had to believe in all the things, but today he was overturned in faith, and so I turned to faith today, 'mind' once again through manpower cent-percent Vndn want to, want to salute. Every little thing has made the country for the good of their own-you attempted to add. What greater satisfaction can be?

'Mind' the time I thought to a new use. I prayed to the citizens of the country that you telephone your questions and your suggestions Krwaia recorded, I mind 'will focus on that. I'm happy about that country fifty-five thousand more phone calls came from. Whether Siachen, whether or Kamrupa Kutch, whether Kashmir to Kanyakumari. India will not do any terrain, where phone calls from people who may not be. This in itself is a pleasant experience. People of all ages are given the message. Some of the messages I like listening to myself, I like that. My team is working on others. You will put even a minute or two minutes, but for me your phone call, your message is very important. The whole government will definitely work on your suggestions.

But one thing was surprising to me and just said. Well it looks like around the negativity, negativity. But my experience was different. These fifty-five thousand people had to tell his own way. Bay was unchecked, could have said anything, but I'm surprised, many things were similar, such as the 'mind' is in the shade. Entirely positive, suggestive, creative - ie the common citizens see the country going by taking positive thinking, that is how big the capital of the country. Maybe 1%, 2%, so the phone can be an environment in which no serious complaints. Otherwise the energy that fills more than 90%, to enjoy the things people have said.

One thing came to my mind, especially the specially abled - especially for the blind also his kinsman, their phones have been enough. But why would they, perhaps they do not see the TV, the radio must be heard. How big will be important for visually impaired radio, she came to me with this in mind. I see a new aspect, and so the good things to these people and to make government responsive enough.

I Alwar, Rajasthan wind Acharya is a message, I'll admit, this whole country should hear the wind Acharya and must obey the country. Well, they would say, of course, listen - "My name is wind and I Acharya Alwar, Rajasthan I Belong. My message is that the Prime Minister-in-law this time please 'mind' to evoke in the masses across India on Diwali lamps they use more and more soil. This can benefit the environment and employment opportunity for thousands potter brothers. Thank you. "

Wind, I believe that the sense you like the wind in the course will reach every corner of the country, will spread. If the soil of good suggestions and there is no value, and therefore the best soils are too precious. Environmentally and have also made it a priority in the poor house, the little people of the work and feed their countrymen must I say that if we will speak of the coming festivals Wind Acharya, then That means, given that our house will burn, but the lights will be in the poor house.

My fellow citizens, Ganesh Chaturthi with army troops me the opportunity to spend two to three hours. Water, land and sky that safety is our Navy, Army or Air Force to - Army, Air Force, Navy. 1965 was a war with Pakistan, he completed 50 years, her behalf near India Gate in Delhi a 'Suryanjli' exhibition is composed. I watched him dearly, had been so for half an hour, but when it turned out, he was two and a half hours and still nothing was left unfinished. What was not there? Complete history is kept alive by. Aesthetic terms refer is better, in terms of history, see the great educative and look for inspiration in life, perhaps to serve the motherland can not be greater than an inspiration. The proud moments of war and the courage and sacrifice of our fighters, we all were listening, were not available at that time so many photograph too, was not so videography. Through this exhibition is his sensation.

Battle of Hajipir, actually be the answer, Chaminda won the battle and Hajipir close look at the scenery, the thrill and pride in one's own soldiers. I did meet with the families of these heroic, to meet the families of those martyrs and those who participated in the war, they also have longer life-life segment. They were also reached. And then it seemed to them was hands Wow, what energy was an inspiration. If you want to make history, it is important to make sense of the nuances of history. History connects its roots. The ties of history, then your chances of making history takes full stop. The chivalry of history through the exhibition sensation. History information. And the seeds of inspiration to create new history can also be sown. I, your families - if you are around Delhi - maybe just a few days the exhibition is running, you must see. And haste do not like me. I came back in two and a half hours, but you sure will take three to four hours. See course.

Look strength of democracy, the prime minister ordered a small child, but she forgot to tell the boy his name in haste. So I do not have his name, but his voice is like the Prime Minister to look into the same, but we are all fellow countrymen to look like. Hey, what the child is saying to us:

"Prime Minister, I want to tell you that you have sanitation campaign, for her everywhere, in every street should take the dustbin."

The boy is right. We should also create a disposition hygiene and sanitation arrangements should also make. The message from the boy got me a great satisfaction. Satisfaction of this got clean for India on October 2, I announced a campaign to run, and I'd say, maybe that will be the first time since independence in Parliament on the subject of hygiene buzz hours occurs. There is criticism of our government. I also have a great deal to hear that Modi had great things to hygiene, but what happened? I do not mind that. I'm seeing it for the good of this country's parliament has also discussed India's hygiene.

Look at the other, a Parliament and a side of this country, child - both in terms of cleanliness above, it may be the privilege of large country. This is the agitation of ideas, the atmosphere of hatred towards becoming squalor, hygiene side has an awareness - these governments will be forced to work, will, will! Swaraj also local institutions - have a panchayat, panchayat town, the municipality, the municipal or state or Centre - everyone will have to work on it. This movement has outbid us, while also further deficiencies and India, Mahatma Gandhi's 150th birth anniversary we celebrate in 2019, Mahatma Gandhi, we work towards fulfilling the dreams.

And you know, Mahatma Gandhi used to say? He once said that freedom and sanitation is either like me, so I would like sanitation, freedom later. Gandhi was the importance of freedom for more than sanitation. Here, we observe all the talk of Mahatma Gandhi and his desire to do we walk a few steps. Minister of Delhi Gulshan Arora MyGov a message left on.

He wrote that he Deendayalji want to know about the birth centenary.

My fellow citizens, men's lives forever is the cause of inspiration for us. And we work, what ideology was master, it is not our job to evaluate. Everyone who live and die for the country are inspiring for us. And in these days when so many men having the opportunity to remember, Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay on September 25, October 2, Mahatma Gandhi, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Jayaprakash Narayan on October 11, October 31, Sardar Patel - how many countless namely, I am speaking very few, because the country is so Bhurtna Vasundhara.

You please remove any date, past the windows of the great man's name will get no-no-no. In the coming days we remember all these men, their life to the message we Phunchayen homes and we try to learn from them-or-nothing.

October 2, once again I particularly want to appeal. October 2 Bapu Gandhi's birth anniversary.

Your point is correct. It governs every voter in the country is a democracy and the awareness is gradually increasing. These great changes have taken place. But are only EC works, it's not going to run. Voter lists should be kept upgrading, we should also stay tuned. So sacred is, everyone should do.

The day before yesterday I had traveled to Kashi. Horizon Pandey got me by a 7th grader. how? When?

From Germany, he began his radio.

Next month 'mind' to meet again. The government would also benefit from your suggestions.

Congratulations once again to all of you very much. Thank you.