Saturday, August 15, 2015

Watch Nokia's Most Indestructible Phone Take on a Red Hot Nickel Ball

The Nokia 3310  is legendarily tough. It was a robust phone at the time, but now in the days of touchscreen phones that crack and shatter after a single fall on the sidewalk, the Nokia 3310's ruggedness has become nearly mythological. This Nokia's toughness is—for lack of a better term—a meme. But can it take on a red hot nickel ball? 

Red Hot Nickel Ball, it is worth mentioning, is something of a legend itself. Effectively the mascot of  YouTube channel carsandwater, the red hot ball of metal has bested everything from Jello to ping pong balls to Gorilla Glue. Every battle is worth watching. Now we can add the Nokia 3310 to the list of vanquished foes. While tough as nails for a handset, it is not actually indestructible. But boy is it a joy to watch it melt.

No. Of course not.