Monday, August 10, 2015

The rumored BlackBerry Android Phone ‘Venice’ leaks out in internal renders.

The leaked renders show off some of the software and the camera that BlackBerry may be releasing on the Venice including the Android version of BlackBerry Hub and Chromecast support, which has not been available on previous ‘Android integrations’ included on BlackBerry devices.

From previously released marketing materials for Blackberry’s productivity services, an image of their calendar app shows what looks very much like a Floating Action Button from Googles Material Design guidelines. Could it be that BlackBerry is also going to adopt some of Android’s more popular interface elements?

BlackBerry Material

The final render depicts a cut-through view of the device shows an 18 MP camera including OIS.

There are not a lot of correlating details here, and as with all rumors and leaks large grains of salt are required while digesting what we have got.

As the enterprise use of Android, and smart devices as a whole continues to expand many analysts have argued that BlackBerry needs to make the pivot into Android to allow their security and enterprise features to become their main point of differentiation. However in the recent years both Android for Work from Google and Knox from Samsung have be launched so BlackBerry is entering an Android market with existing competition. Can BlackBerry trade on their existing
 enterprise credibility to emerge as a dominant power in the Android enterprise space? Time will tell.

Source(s): CrackBerry, source