Monday, August 3, 2015

The Nokia 808 PureView - old, but not obsolete. Kitting it out.

In another guest article from Stuart Peters, he runs over some of the software and hardware accessories that keep his Nokia 808 a 'hero' device, even in 2015. What do you think of his picks? Dare you push the 808 this far as well?

Top 5 apps Stuart Peter

Stuart writes:
The Nokia 808 PureView was released more than 3 years ago (that’s 21 dog years!) As the last stock of that classic are being emptied out of warehouses, the price is now is falling below $150USD in Amazon and eBay. Perhaps this is due to the Nokia Store being closed and the Nokia account no longer working and sellers are trying to sell at any cost. However, we Symbian aficionados should see this as an opportunity.
How can the phone be relevant for 2015 and beyond? One way to get more value out of the Nokia 808 is by augmenting the out-of-the-box experience by adding hardware accessories and software apps. Since I have encouraged others to get the Nokia 808 I have decided to start using it as my main smartphone. I have found that with the right enhancements it
can still be a “hero device” that others can be envious of.
Below are curated lists of five apps and accessories I have for my phone. Starting with some of the apps I use to add value to my smartphone:

  1. Audio Recorder Pro is a Dictaphone app with some very special features. It uses the Nokia Rich Recording for high fidelity recording of sound. It also allows the recording of voice calls and FM radio.
  2. Fring is what I consider Facetime for Symbian. Though it exists on other platforms, I only use for video chatting between Symbian phones. You can download it here.
  3. Mobiola Webcam creates a video transmission from your phone’s camera to a computer via USB, WIFI or Bluetooth which can be used as a webcam. It also can stream whatever is displaying on your device’s screen via all the methods mentioned.
  4. Voice Inbox is a simple yet elegant on-device answering machine app which can be an alternative to carrier voicemail options.
  5. WhatsApp allows the sending of messages, audio, pictures and video to other WhatsApp users. They still support Symbian and are releasing updates via their website.
On the hardware side, here are some of the accessories I use with the Nokia 808 and other Symbian devices:
Hardware kit
  1. A MicroSDXC card currently allows for up to 200GB and more to be added to your phone. Since the exFAT storage system is supported by Symbian, the maximum will continue to grow as technology advances.
  2. A Nokia CA-157 OTG Cable allows for peripherals to be attached to the PureView such as flash drives, keyboards, cameras and other phones.
  3. A Nokia CA-75U Video Cable allows for video display though the RCA terminals. It allows backward compatibility to older televisions and monitors.
  4. The RetiCAM Smartphone Mount with Grip is a secure way to hold your smartphone to record videos or pictures with or without a tripod.
  5. Z:ero digital earphones are the start of a revolution in audio. The USB OTG port sends the digital sound stream to the earphones which use an in-line digital-to-analog converter and amplifier to make high fidelity sound. These work with all Symbian^3 and above smartphones. 
The Nokia 808 might be getting old but it is definitely not obsolete. It can still be a multimedia powerhouse and an audiophile’s dream.