Sunday, August 30, 2015

Episode #11, 30 August 2015

My fellow citizens, you greet everyone. Once again, to the heart, I have the opportunity to visit with you. People in the far south of Onam festival, painted and tomorrow the whole country celebrated the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan. The Indian government, many new schemes on social security, are applied to normal human beings I Am happy in that very short time, extensive evidence, all these plans are accepted.

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I had a small request that our sisters on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan to the security plan. I was aware that the thick plan from the start until eleven million households are connected to the scheme. And I was also told that, almost-almost half profit, mothers and sisters did. I believe it bodes well. I have all the mothers and sisters of the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan'll also wishes for many.

Today, when I'm talking to you, the people funding the plan a year ago was largely taken up. In sixty years, which did not work, he would be in such a short time? There were many question marks. But I'm happy today that the plan to implement all the related government units, all units of the bank, with urgency on all involved, success pie and so far as I know, almost a quarter of one hundred and eighty million bank accounts . 7.4 million one hundred seventy million. I have seen the poor richer. Open an account with zero balance, but poor by saving, saving the amount of twenty-two thousand crores deposited. The mainstream economy, banking sector and the system reaches the poor house because of bank-friendly plan is stressed. Today, more than a quarter million bank-friends are working across the country. Youth employment is also found. You'll be glad to know that in a year, Banking sector, the economy and the poor - they add, have been a hundred and thirty-one thousand Financial Literacy Camp. Just do not get stuck in opening accounts and so many thousands of people under the public-funding became entitled to overdraft and he also took. And the poor can get money from the bank believed it was born. I once again, congratulate all concerned and opening bank accounts of all, the poor poorer brothers and sisters also urge that you not break the bank, please link with. The bank is seeking, you should not leave it now. I've brought you up, now it's your job to take hold. I will definitely recommend you to activate all our accounts, I believe.

The events of the last days of Gujarat, the orgy of violence, made restless all the land and natural land of Gandhi and Sardar what happens when a country reaches the first shock, there is pain. But the enlightened state in a very short time, all my brothers and sisters, the situation took a citizen. Played an active role in the situation from deteriorating and once again went to Gujarat on the path of peace. Peace, unity, solidarity is the right way and at the same growth path is to walk side by side with us. The development is to solve our problems.

Last week I had the opportunity to meet scholars of Sufi tradition. The opportunity to listen to them. And I'll tell the truth from the Tjhurbe, by the way, the things I had the opportunity to hear such a way that no music is playing. Choosing his words, his way of negotiation, ie, in the Sufi tradition, which is generosity, which is sobriety, which is the rhythm of the music, all of them had me feeling among these scholars. I felt very good. The world of Islam accurately convey the true nature is most essential. I believe that the Sufi tradition, love is connected, generosity is connected, this message far Phuँchayenge, which mankind benefits will Islam benefit will I and I to others say that When we consider why any sect, but, ever understand the Sufi tradition.

I'm gonna get another opportunity in the coming days, and the invitation I admit my luck. In India, many countries of the world are going to come in Bodhgaya Buddhist tradition, scholars, and human beings are supposed to discuss topics related to the world, I also got the invitation, and to my delight that I have those Bodhgaya is invited. India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru visited Bodhgaya. These scholars around the world with me, is going to get the opportunity to Bodhgaya, for me, is the very moment of pleasure.

My dear brothers and sisters farmer, I once again tell you specifically want to mind today. I already 'mind', in reference to this subject have done. You will hear, in Parliament, I will hear, to be heard in public meetings, 'mind' will be heard. Every time I've come to say one thing, that the 'Land Acquisition Act' in relation to the dispute, the subject of the government's open mind. Any suggestion to the benefit of farmers, I am willing to accept, I have been saying this repeatedly. But today I, my brothers and sisters say that farmers' Land Acquisition Act '' in the matter of reform came from the States, and everything seemed to come earnestly, that village, the good of the poor farmer's fields supplying water to the canals that make up the village to electrify the pole figure, is to make the road to the village, the villagers are building houses for the poor, rural poor, youth employment arrangements provide for, we These Afsrshahi from the clutches of the law will have to remove and then came the reform proposal. But I saw so many illusions were spread out, farmers have been so frightened. My farmer brothers and sisters, my farmer should not be confused, and certainly should not be so scared, and I do not want to give an opportunity to someone, to intimidate the peasants, farmers to confuse, and in my country , every voice counts, but the farmers' voice has a special significance. We issued an Ordinance, the Ordinance expired last August 31, and I've decided, is to be eliminated. This means, that my government, the situation was before, he now has Punaprsthapit. But it was an unfinished work, and he was - were 13 such points, which was completed in a year and so we brought him to the Ordinance, but also became entangled in the case of disputes that remain. Ordinance expires then, but farmers stand to gain directly, which is linked to farmers' direct economic benefits, those 13 points, we brought under the rules of today are applied in order to avoid damage to the farmers , the economic loss is not, and so the 13 points the rest of the law was the first to implement, we are meeting him today, and I assure my peasant brothers and sisters, that the 'Jai-young Jai-Kisan 'This slogan is not, this is our mantra - the village, the welfare of poor farmers - and only if we said on August 15 that not only the Department of Agriculture, but agriculture and farmers welfare will be created, whose decision we very fast forward. So my peasant brothers and sisters, now is not a reason for the confusion, nor any attempt to intimidate, then you need to be frightened.

One thing I have to say that even two days ago, fifty years after the 1965 war and the 1965 war, when it comes to haunt the Lal Bahadur Shastri is very natural. "Jay-Jawan, Jai-Kisan" mantra remember is bound to come. And the tricolor flag of India, who made his on-Bahn-shan, to be reminded of all those martyrs is very natural. The victory of the war 65 I bow to all concerned. Heroes salute. We are constantly inspired by the history of such events.

Just last week I had the opportunity to meet people of the Sufi tradition similarly been a great experience. I have the opportunity to talk for hours with scientists. They had the opportunity to hear, and I am delighted that in the area of ​​Science, India in several directions, is working very best kind. Our scientists are working really good kind. Now before us is the opportunity that these amendments to the public how Phuँchayen? How to translate principles into devices? Lab Add to with the Land? As an opportunity to outbid him. I got too many updates. I can say that for me it was a very inspiring, educative too. And I saw, what exultation of many young scientists were telling things, how dreams in their eyes were visible. And when I last 'mind' had said that our students towards science should advance. After this meeting, I think that the opportunities are many, many possibilities. I would like to repeat it once again. All young friend an interest towards science, we also motivate students to Educational Institutions.

I have several letters from citizens keep coming. Thane, Mr. parimal Shah '' Educational Reforms I have written about. Skill Development is written for. Mr. Prakash Tripathi from Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu have good teachers for primary education is emphasized. Reforms in education sector is emphasized.

Especially my young friends, I have one thing to say that I was told at the Red Fort on August 15, the lower level for the job why this interview? And then comes the interview call every poor family, widow, mother, where would recommend, whose job will help, will establish what Jack? I do not know how-how words are used? Everybody run, and probably below the level of corruption is also a reason. And I said I August 15 interview with the tradition and freedom should be one level below. I am happy that in such a short time, just 15 days, but the government is moving very fast. Notices are being sent, and now nearly a hundred rounds of interview that the decision will be implemented by the small jobs will be exempt. The poor will not run for the referral. exploitation shall not, corruption will not.

These days, many countries of the world in India have been guests. For health, especially the mother-infant-mortality and death rates, the action plan for the 'Call to Action' world of 24 nations in the land of India is thinking. Outside the US for the first time, the event took place in another country. And this is true even today in our country every year, about 50 out of a hundred thousand mothers and 1.3 million children, confinement time and the subsequent one died. This is alarming and scary. It has improved noticeably. At the international level, India is beginning to appreciate, however, the figure is less. As we relieve people from polio, likewise, tetanus in mothers and infant death, even relieve. The world is rightly affirmed. But we still have to protect our mothers, our newborn babies survive.

Brothers and sisters, today there is news of dengue. It is true that dengue is dangerous, but it is very easy to defend. And I'm not talking about clean country, that it is directly connected. We see advertisement on TV, but that is not our focus. Printed advertisement in the newspaper, but our focus is not. House cleaning in small things than pure water are ways of handling. Getting comprehensive public-education in these things, but that is not our focus, and sometimes think we live in a very nice house, with a very good system and would not know that from our own water full and elsewhere we are asking for dengue. I urge all of you that we will do that death should be not so cheap. Life is very precious. Bedhyani water, sanitation dumps, they become the cause of death, it is not right! Around 514 centers across the country for dengue screening facilities are available for free. From time to live, to check, and it is useful for the survival of all with you-cooperation is very essential. And hygiene so much importance should be. These days, one of the defense-binding until the Diwali festival in our country are very festive. With all the celebration, why not add to our hygiene? You see, nature will become a sacrament.

My fellow citizens, today I must declare the good news to you, I always say that we will not get the privilege of dying for the country, but then had the privilege of living for the country itself. Two young brothers and they both our country and the origin of our Nashik - Dr. Hitender Mahajan, Dr. Mahendra tradesman, but his heart remains strong sense of serving the tribals of India. India is proud of the two brothers. The 'Race across America' is a Cycle-Race, is very difficult, there are about four thousand eight hundred kilometers long race. This year the two brothers have won the race. Brought glory to India. I'll give two brothers were very luck, I congratulate you very much, I welcome. But the more I am delighted that His whole campaign 'Team India - Vision for Tribal' tribals have something passed with the intention that if I see, the country pushing everyone how their efforts is. And that, when you hear of such incidents is tan chest.

Sometimes perception because we give our youth a great injustice. And the older generation always think, and I do not understand something new generation so that age is the continuation. My experience is different with regard to youth. Sometimes the young men do things we can learn a lot. I've met several young men who say Well, I have taken a vow in the life 'Sunday on Cycle'. Some say that I kept Cycle-Day is a day in the week. Is also good for my health. is also good for the environment. And me great pleasure to be your youth comes. Nowadays in our country is moving in the cycle several cities and to promote cycling are also great. But to protect the environment and good for the health reform effort. And today, when two young men of my country in the US flag was raised, then the direction in which the youth of India who think, I like to mention it.

Today I particularly want to congratulate the Government of Maharashtra. I would enjoy. Babasaheb Ambedkar - Mumbai "Indu mill's land - a memorial to the long-standing case was pending. Maharashtra's new government to carry out this work and now there Babasaheb Ambedkar's grand-inspiring monument divine will, which oppressed us, afflicted, the oppressed, the disadvantaged will continue to inspire us to work for. But, along with Dr. London. Babasaheb Ambedkar lived Place - 10, King Henry's Road, he also bought a house. Indians will travel around the world when London Baba Saheb Ambedkar memorial Maharashtra government which is supposed to make there, it will be a place of inspiration for us. I Babasaheb Ambedkar Maharashtra government to honor these two initiatives give our applause, they'll honor their greetings.

My dear brothers and sisters, the next "mind" must come before you tell me your opinion because I believe that democracy is the public-participation shows. Public participation moves. And the country is moving forward shoulder to shoulder met. I very much luck. Thank you very much.