Thursday, July 9, 2015

Windows Phone selfie phone hinted with front-firing flash

The “selfie phone” started to become a thing last year — yes, we were wondering whether the trend will pass the test of time — and Sony capitalized on it with its C3 smartphone, one that packs a beefed-up front facing camera with an LED flash. 

While there are some problems with these so called selfie phones, Sony doesn’t seem to care as the company followed up on the C3 with the C4, and Windows Phone selfie phone fans were happy that we called the Lumia 735 “the original selfie phone”. There were some other products focusing on the topic, like Polaroid’s attempt to copy the OPPO N3, and last year’s rumors were talking about a Windows Phone selfie phone, but we’re not sure whether that’s already out or still in the works.
Strangely, there is no Windows Phone device with a front-facing flash, but there might be one. Evan Blass is teasing something on Twitter, and it might be the first Microsoft-powered device with a front-firing flash, a true Windows Phone selfie phone.
That’s all the information we have for the time being. It is unknown whether we’re talking about a Microsoft device or one made by another OEM; unknown whether we’re talking about a new device, or an adaptation (a la M8 and M8 for Windows Phone) of HTC’s Desire Eye; unknown whether Evan Blass has additional information or not.
What we do know is that Microsoft and Windows Phone fans could use some good news after yesterday’s layoff-related bit.
Do you take a lot of selfies? Do you care about a front LED flash, or would it be enough for the screen to light up bright white (acting like a flash), a solution used by other OEMs?
Source: PocketNow