Monday, July 20, 2015

This Galaxy Note 5 render looks like the real deal

We’ve already seen a Galaxy Note 5 render (not the official one, though), aside from all the other rumors, leaks, and reports, and we have a strange feeling that we know almost everything about the phablet Samsung intends to reportedly unveil on August 12. We’re certain this is not the case, as the South Korean company might have one or two aces left up its sleeve, but today we get the chance to look at another Galaxy Note 5 render, which is looking real good.

Designed by CAD artist Ivo Marić, they show off a Galaxy Note 5 that, to nobody’s surprise, looks a lot like the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. As a matter of fact, it looks almost identical to the Galaxy S6 Edge, but with a twist. Instead of having a curved glass on the front, like the S6 Edge (and its curved screen), it has the same curved glass on the back, leaving the screen flat — that’s something the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus should address — but keeping the overall footprint as thin as possible on the sides. Whether that’s ergonomic or not is up to you, but we do know we don’t mind it when using the S6 Edge.

We see business as usual on the front (with the screen, button with fingerprint scanner, webcam, etc.), and the back has an arrangement we know so well by now, with the camera, flash, and heart-rate monitor, identical to the S6/Edge. If you look at the Galaxy Note 5 render from the side, the phone looks just like the S6 Edge, but with the curved glass on the back, instead of front.

If you look at the bottom, it’s business as usual as well, with the S-Pen (similar to what we’ve recently seen leaked, and hinted by case designers) that is completely flush, an S-Pen which Samsung might spring-load this year, in order to make it ejectable, instead of requiring fingernails to pull out. Speaker grill, microphone, ports, they all seem to look like on the S6/Edge, and that’s valid for the sides as well, with the chamfered edges.

We’ll leave you with pictures from the Galaxy Note 5 below, as well as a video, not before reminding you that the phablet coming reportedly on August 12 will pack some really high-end specs, from a Quad HD display to 4GB of RAM and Exynos 7422 SoC.
Galaxy Note 5 render 2

Galaxy Note 5 render 3

Galaxy Note 5 render 1   
Galaxy Note 5 render 4