Sunday, July 26, 2015

Episode #10 26 July 2015

My dear countrymen, Hello!

Note: Translated from original Hindi text using Google Service, hence conversion may not be 100% correct.
This year has been a good start to rain. Our peasant brothers, sisters surely will help in kharif sowing. And a pleasure to come to my attention and I was enjoying. In our country, pulses and oilseeds - pulses and oilseeds - the very lack. Poor should pulses, vegetable to eat, a little oil should etcetera. For me the happiest thing that has grown in this time, the almost-almost 50 percent increase in pulses. And almost-almost 33 percent increase in oilseeds. My farmer siblings compliment so distinctive, so greetings to them.My dear countrymen, July 26, in the history of our country is marked as Kargil Victory Day. The relationship of the farmer, land is much, much land is young. Kargil war, our one-a young, heavily made hundred enemies. Regardless of his life, the enemy attempts to salute those brave soldiers hundred cent. Kargil war was fought not just on the borders of India in every town, in every village, was contributing to the war. The war, those mothers, who fought for the sisters, whose young son or brother was fighting in Kargil enemies. Daughters fought those whose hands are still, henna had moved to her parental house. Father fought, which saw their young sons, was himself feel young. He fought son, who still had not learned to walk holding his father's finger. Because of their sacrifice today in the world, India is able to lift head. And so, today Kargil Victory Day to all our fighters bowed my hundred percent.July 26, another important way also, I just agree, because, after the formation of our government in 2014, a few months on July 26, we had to start MyGov. Our determination to increase public participation in democracy, the development work to add mass, and a year after me today, saying it is pleased with nearly twenty million people saw MyGov. Nearly half a million people made a hundred comments, and the most gratifying thing is that more than fifty thousand people tips on PMO applications, he took time off, mind apply to the work considered important.And how important suggestions come! Kanpur Akhilesh Vajpayee sent a good idea that disabled persons in railway ticket quota through .RCTC Website should not be? Get tickets for the disabled also have to face the same difficulties, how much is appropriate? Yun is now the smallest thing, but they never came to mind anyone in the government, has not ever thought about it. But brother Akhilesh Vajpayee government at the suggestion seriously considered, and today for our disabled brothers and sisters, the system has been applied. Today the people are formed, tag-line are formed, the program is composed, policy is made, MyGov are very positive suggestions. Governance, a new fresh air experience. A new consciousness is experienced. These days I MyGov these suggestions are coming in, on 15 August, what I should say.Suchitra Ragwachari from Chennai, he has sent quite a few suggestions. Daughter-Save, daughter-Pdhao speak on, speak on the Ganges clean, neat speak on India. But I had an idea, this time on August 15, what I should say. You can send me suggestions? MyGov can send, AIR can write the letter. You can write a letter to the Prime Minister's Office.See! I agree, maybe it's a good idea that my speech of August 15, canaille Go to the suggestion. I believe that you'll definitely good suggestions.One thing I want to express my concern. I do not want to give a sermon nor I state government, central government or the institutions of units of local Swaraj'm finding way to avoid responsibilities.Just two days ago, Delhi had my eye on the scene of an accident. And 10 minutes after the accident, he scooter driver was suffering. It did not help. Anyway, I noticed that many people constantly on me to keep writing that apparently you speak up on road safety. Please warn people. Bangalore Hoshakote are renewable, amey Joshi of Pune are pleased to Murbidri Karnataka are Kakunje. All of them, ie the names of many people, I'm telling everyone not name - have expressed concern over the issue and said. You worry all right. And when looking at the data, the heart is shaken. In our country there is an accident every minute. Due to the accident, road accident causing death is one every 4 minutes. And the big concern is that, almost-almost a third of the victims are young men 15 to 25 years of age and is a death shook the entire family. What should the government do things that ought to be, but I am pleading with the parents, their children - whether you run two-wheeler or four-wheeler will run - safety of things as, of course focus on The atmosphere in the family should also increase. Sometimes we see the auto-rickshaw, is on the back, "Papa Come home soon, 'So how are parents find touching, and so I say, it is right that the government in this direction, so new initiatives ... Road Safety taken to be the case whether the education, the creation of road engineering, the law to enforce the point - or the point of emergency care to injured people after the accident, all these things in mind We are going to bring the Road Transport and Safety Bill. National Road Safety Policy and in the coming days towards implementation of the Road Safety Action Plan, we are thinking to take several important steps.Another project we have is going to be further expanded, Cashless Treatment ... Gurgaon, Jaipur and Mumbai from Vadodara ... there, Ranchi, Rngav, Mundia highways, we have a Cashless Treatment .. . And it means that the first fifty hours - money that is not, who will give the money, which will not, except all these concerns - which is injured in a road accident, how did it with the best service, how Sarwar met We are giving it priority. Information on incidents in the country to toll-free 1033 number, ambulance system, all these things ... but all these things are after accident. Accident to help prevent ... one life so we all really are very sweet, very loving one's life, as he is required to view it.Sometimes I say, be karmayogi employee. Recently, some things come to my attention, I liked that I shall speak to you, sometimes while the job is the person gets tired, and talk of some years "Well, one is salary, will work" That is the price. But I'm late, railway staff concerning a reported, Nagpur Division One by winning Biswal TTE, the longer they Hobby painting, now painting he could settle anywhere, but they only train their adorable And they tend to be employed in railways and railway related to different sequences are painting, they get a pleasure and so interested in that job increases. I see great examples of this in his work liked how Pranttw can be brought. Its interests, its art, its capacity can be combined with its function of how, this victory Biswal said. May no longer be Biswal victory will surely come in the coming days to discuss the painting.And also to my attention come a point - Madhya Pradesh Harda district government officials the whole team, the whole team had an early work my mind touching and I loved her the work I, he started "Operation Mlyuddh" - Now this one, the hearing will take something else would be I but the thing is he clean India campaign turning point and the whole district started a 'Brother Number One', meaning that the best brother who sister on Raksha Bandhan to offering a toilet, and that all such brothers pioneered by motivating their sisters elsewhere in the toilet and will open in the district mothers and sisters do not have to go to the toilet, the work they do on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan have been. See what has changed the meaning of Raksha Bandhan, I Harda district government officials, many congratulations to the whole team.Just came on the news to my ears, sometimes these little things give much pleasure to my mind. So I am sharing with you. By Keshla is a small village in Chhattisgarh Rajnandgav. The people of the village in the last few months of the campaign to try and toilet. And now in the village, do not have any person open defecation. It was he, however, when the work was completed by the whole village like a huge festival is celebrated so celebrated. The village has received the accomplishment. Keshla get a huge carnival celebrated by the whole village. How society values ​​in life are changing, and changing people's mind how the national of a country that it is taking the lead in front of me are the perfect example.I Bhavesh Deka, from Guwahati are writing, with respect to questions of North-East. Well northeastern people are also very active. They keep writing a lot, that's good. But I want to say that today they gladly northeastern remains a separate Ministry. When Atal Bihari Vajpayee became prime minister, a DONER Ministry 'Development of North-East Region'. Our government, our DONER Department made important decisions in the larger good of the North East will be sitting in Delhi What? And get all the team decided that Indian government officials in northeastern states will ... be Nagaland, Manipur, the Arunachal, the Tripura, the Assam, the Sikkim and the seven days there will camp. Districts will also go into the villages, there to meet with local government officials, representatives from the things, things from the citizens. Listen to the problems, to solve the problems in the course of which the Indian Government is to will him. These efforts will bring very good results in the coming days. And go and come to the officer, they also feel how beautiful state, so the good guys, now hang by developing the area, by resolving their problems stay the same. The resolution returns to Delhi after coming to them now is very simple to understand the problems there. So a good effort, tried to go to the east away from Delhi, which I 'Act East Policy' am saying, that is act.Fellow Citizens, we are all proud of the fact that 'Mars Mission' is the success we enjoy. Recently, India's PSLV C-28, the UK has five satellite launch. India is by far the most Heavyweight satellite launch has been launched. The news is such that for a few moments come, go, it is not our focus. But it is a big achievement. But sometimes it also comes from the younger generation today we talk and they ask if you want to do next, then one-half of 100 with great difficulty that a student will get what they ask me scientist becoming. Science is very much concern the trend towards low.Science and Technology is a type of DNA development. Our new generation dreams of becoming a scientist, Research, Innovation interested in, encourage them, their capabilities should be, is a very great need. Government of India, Ministry of Human Resources has launched a national invention. Our nation's former president Dr. Kalam ji has its beginning. Under this campaign, IIT, NIT, Central and State Universities as a mentor, wherever such possibilities, there the children to encourage, guide them, to help them, are going to dwell on it. The government also says IAS officers I am writing you read so go ahead and sometimes twice a week for four hours, then you close any of your children to school and going to college and definitely Talk. Your experience, your strength will surely she will work in this new generation.We have pioneered a huge, 24-hour electricity to the villages of our country deserves that should not be? Work hard, but have to. We have it opened. And in the coming years, we get 24-hour power to villages. The village children, the exam is not the problem of power in the days when reading. If the small industries in the village received electricity. Today, if you want to charge the mobile also has to go to another village. The advantage is that cities must meet villages. Must go to the poor house. And therefore we have started, "Dayal Upadhyaya Village light" program. I know such a big country, millions village, far to reach, to reach households. However, only the poor have to run. We will do it, have begun. Will definitely. Today, a wide spectrum of things in mind like it.In a way our country Month August, September month festival remains the same opportunity. Too many live festivals. My best wishes to you all very much. For August 15th will surely send me suggestions. Your thoughts come to my work.Thank you very much.