Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Microsoft confirms “premium new Lumias” arriving soon

Last week Microsoft made headlines as it announced some big mobile-related losses and major staff cuts, leaving Lumia fans more than a bit concerned. And even though the company asserted that it would remain in the phone business, we were hungry for details and found Microsoft offering little in the way of sustenance. 

Later we picked up some relief in the form of a report that claimed Microsoft would be sticking with its smartphone business for at least the next two years to come. This week we’ve got some more in the way of good news, as Microsoft officially confirms plans for new flagship-level models.

During the keynote address at Microsoft’s 2015 Worldwide Partner Conference, the company’s Terry Myerson acknowledged last week’s news and offered some clarification of Microsoft’s agenda, stating, “soon you will see premium new Lumias designed for Windows 10.”

As for when that might be, we don’t have a very tight launch window just yet, but rumors have also been circulating around a planned IFA event where Microsoft intends to show off new Windows 10 devices. But while that may sound on the surface like a prime platform to introduce some new Lumias, the jury’s still out, and even in the official IFA announcement of the event, there appears to be a deliberate effort to steer clear of phones: tablets, notebooks, and even gaming hardware all get mentioned, but no phones. That may be an attempt to hold back at least some surprises, or may mean that these new flagship Lumias will emerge at a later date, possibly once we start moving into Q4.

Update: Some new rumors suggest a September 24 launch event could be a possibility.