Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Evidence points to Microsoft work on 5.7-inch Windows Phone handset

Microsoft’s mobile efforts stand to get pretty exciting over the next few months. Not only do we have the formal commercial release of Windows 10 Mobile to look forward to, but the arrival of new hardware running Windows 10 out of the box. 

And for a platform that’s been sorely in need of some fresh handset blood (and maybe not just in the midrange budget space, for a change), that’s pretty tantalizing. But just what sort of phones can we expect? We’ve heard a few theories, and today we pick up some fresh evidence to help steer our imagination, as a 5.7-inch Windows Phone pops up in an import database.

Several entries dating over the course of the past week mention the importation of 5.7-inch smartphones from Finland (home of Nokia) to India for testing. And while there’s no mention of Windows Phone directly, the identification in similar listings of Microsoft hardware sure makes it likely we’re looking at the company’s own mobile platform.

There’s not a lot of extra hardware information available in this listing, though we do see that both single and dual-SIM versions of the hardware appear to exist. With stated customs values of what works out to around $600 a pop, this doesn’t appear to be another mid-ranger, either – something to be extra excited about. And while the ultimately designation of the handset may be up in the air (speculation has suggested a possible ID as the Lumia 840 XL or 940 XL), that it’s in development at all is looking pretty darn certain.

Source: Zauba
Via: PocketNow