Thursday, July 23, 2015

Episode #1 3 October 2014

Modi to contribute to the prosperity of the poor to buy khaadi clothes urged listeners. They also discussed about clean India campaign, India Mars mission, skill development, to discuss the success of disabled children and website. 

Note: translated from original transcript in Hindi to English using Google's translation, hence there is no assurance of 100% error free text.

My dear countrymen, 

Today is the auspicious occasion of Dussehra. Many, many congratulations to all of you on Dussehra. 

Through the radio today talking to you I am going to tell somethings that in my mind that it is only today that the conversation goes on your order even further. I will try, if possible twice a month, once a month or so to take the time to do things with you. The future is also thought that in mind when I speak and when the Sunday morning at 11 am, will feature you will be satisfied as I do that I was successful in my mind to reach your mind said. 

Today is the Dussehra festival. This Dussehra festival is to celebrate the festival of victory of the good over the evil. But Mr. Ganesh Venktadri Mumbai gentleman, he sent me an email, he said on this Dussehra we eliminate our inner resolution ten evils. I would like to express their gratitude for his suggestion. Everyone must be thinking as their inner and conquered much to defeat the evils, but as a nation on the auspicious occasion of Dussehra I get rid of all the dirt and filth of the resolution of the finish On the occasion of Dussehra to win we can resolve. 

Yesterday birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on October 2 "Swach Bhart" is a campaign started by fifteen hundred million people. I believe that you will push it. I talked yesterday "Clean India campaign" that I will invite nine people and himself while cleaning will upload your video and social media "and" Nine people will be invited. You also join in cleaning, you want to invoke the nine people, they do, they are also cleansing, tell your fellow friends, so do not need to go up, and put nine people, then he and nine People say, the atmosphere in the country will become gradually. I do believe that further increase the work. 

When we talk of Mahatma Gandhi, the Khadi comes to mind is very natural thing.  We will have many types of clothes from various brands. When we can have that much brands cloth then why can't we have khaadi cloths amongst those. I am not saying you to be completely wearing khadi cloths only, I am just saying that we should have atleast one item of khadi made, whethere it may be a bedsheet, a curtain, a towel etc. If you buy a khadi cloth then it may light a candle in on of the poor family. And these days, nearly a month on October 2 with special discounts in the market is Khadi, can also take advantage of it. ...... And a little thing, do it earnestly and how you see your association with poor comes. What you get on that success. Fourteen hundred million countrymen when I say what I have so far .... The government will do everything we think and where we went, we saw .... Fourteen hundred million countrymen to proceed if ... then ... .. we will have to identify yourself, your strength will know and I'll tell you the truth we Ajod people in the world. If you spend at least in our own scientists successfully used to reach Mars, successfully turned on. Our strength is not reduced, the only power we have forgotten. If you have forgotten his. We have become destitute as my beloved brethren and sisters can not happen ... Swami Vivekananda used to say let me live that one thing, they miss equal. Swami Vivekananda was often told one thing. Many times people hear it, they probably will. 

Vivekananda once said that a lioness  with his two small children were passing through on the way. She saw a flock of sheep from afar, Lioness began to run with a child. Her second child was left behind and lioness was moving hunting sheep and one of the child went along with her, but the second child was separated, which was separated from her child, a mother brought him up to the sheep, and the lion began to grow in the middle of the sheep. His speech, habits were all like sheep. Her laugh, play, sit, with all the sheep are. Once, he was the lioness went with the child, she had grown up. He is what he once saw him. It is playing with lions and sheep. Speaking like sheep. It is Kyaho. So the lion fell slightly crisis at its core. He was near. That's what you're saying hey. You're the lion. Khta- No, I am a sheep. I am among them and grew among them. He has raised me. See my voice, the way I see the conversation. Then I'll show you who's said to be the lion. She took him to a well and showed his face in the water in the well and told him to look at themselves with face, we face is both. I am the lion, tiger, and as soon as you wake up within her self-esteem, then they have their own identity, like the tiger, lion started roaring put up between sheep. The extracts were awakened within him. 

Swami Vivekananda used to say that  my countrymen, have immense power within fifteen hundred million people, is the immense power. We need to identify yourself. Need to recognize that our inner strength and self-esteem as the owner took him by Vivekanand said, taking his true identity and we have to walk, so be victorious and our nation will be victorious, would be successful. I think we have one and a quarter billion Indians are capable, powerful, and we also can stand with confidence. 

These days, by social media, by e-mail, face-book, writes a letter to me by several friends. Gautam Pal expressed by a person who has a concern, he said childern who are especially abeled, for those children whether it is municipal, higher municipal, panchayat, they should be kept under some special plans they should raise their morale. He liked the idea because I have my own experience when I was in Gujarat Cheif Minister the Special Olympics in Athens in 2011, is located in Gujarat and triumphantly returned to the baby, so I have all those kids, Speshli abled children I called home. I spent two hours with him, maybe he's very emotional in my life, great motivator, that event. Because I believe that if a family has a especially abled child is not just the responsibility of their parents  It is the responsibility of the whole society. God is probably liked the family, but the child is responsibility of whole conuntry. So I got in touch after that I was emotionally attached with especially abled children and I was conducting Olympics for them. Thousands boy came, his parents were coming. I was myself. It would create an atmosphere of trust and therefore I suggest Gautam Pal, which he has made for this one, I like it and I was like I had this idea that I do I share with you. 

I also get a story. A passer-by was sitting on the edge of the path and you'll come and everyone was asking me to get there, the path is added. Asked the first, second, asked asked the fourth. Everyone keeps asking and Seated next to him was a gentleman. They were all watching. After standing. Stood and began to anyone, so she came to him by standing gentleman. He said - Look man, you go to the right, his way is the way. The traveler asked him if you so late brother Seated next to me, I'm asking so many people the way, do not tell me. Why did not you tell if you knew. Said, I was not sure whether or not you really want to go to walk. Or keep asking for the same information. But when you were standing up my mind that this man be so now, for sure sounds. I thought I'd show you the way to go then. 

My countrymen, do not resolve until we run, we do not stand, will not show the way. We will not be running the finger hold. And I believe that we have to do is start walking fifteen hundred million is certainly capable of running, keep running. 
Some days I get many tips, ideas Intresting people send large. How will I know when, but I do not have these tips also an activity that the country is all of us, the government is not a small country. Citizens of the country. It is necessary to join the citizens. Some people told me that when he started the registration process, which is a small industry that should be easy. I will definitely inform his government. Some people sent me to write - Skill Development should teach children from the fifth grade. So she read some of your skills as well as learning to read, learn workmanship. He is a very good idea. Unhonhne Skill Development also said that the youth should be even in their studies. Someone wrote to me in every hundred meters should bean dust, cleaning is to Vyanvstha. 
Some people have sent me by writing on the pack should be banned polythene. A lot of people are sending me suggestions. I can tell you from further if you send me anywhere a true event, which will Skaratmrk who inspire me, to inspire people, real events such evidence comes to mind when I come, I will send , which is something that touched my heart the things I bring to people there. 
That is all I intend to talk - let's all get our Indian mother and serve. We have to take the country to new heights. Everyone's a step away, if you go a step, the country is one and a quarter billion goes ahead and work on the auspicious occasion of Dussehra in today's victory by defeating the evil with the Snkalpr, some good We decided to start with. Today is my lucky start. As you will come to mind, of course, in the future I will continue to talk to you. Today the things that came to my mind the things I've told you. When will meet again on Sunday meeting. Will meet at 11 am, but I will continue our journey, your love will remain. 
After you listen to me if I have something to say, of course, came Mujen please, I'd love to. I really liked the things you Keawr today through radio ... builds simple that I be able to access remotely. Will reach the poorest of the poor house, because my, my country's strength is in poor shanty, in the village is the strength of my country, my country's strength mothers, sisters, young, my country is in force farmers. Your confidence will grow further the country. I wish to believe. Trust in your power so I have faith in the future of India. 
I thank you all very much. Taking the time. Thank you very much once again.