Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dummy of upcoming Galaxy S6 Edge Plus pictured

While we’re eagerly waiting for additional information regarding Samsung’s alleged earlier announcement of the Galaxy Note 5 on August 12 — with more and more reports coming in — we have to admit that the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus has been somewhat neglected by the rumor mill recently. 

Don’t worry, the upcoming phone is back in the headlines with this report from today that allegedly brings us a dummy of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus pictured in the stills above and below.

If it wasn’t for the Galaxy Note 4 in two of the four leaked Galaxy S6 Edge Plus dummy pictures, we’d be inclined, and nobody would blame us, to believe that this is just a regular Galaxy S6 Edge. However, you can see that the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is (at least its dummy) as big as the Note 4. Its screen seems to be somewhat smaller than the 5.7-inch display on the Note 4, but not by much, maybe at 5.6-inches — though this dummy might not be 100% accurate, and the screen will indeed be 5.7-inches as rumored, including the Exynos 7420 processor and 3GB of RAM.



So, what do you think?

Source: AllAboutSamsung
Via: SamMobile