Thursday, July 9, 2015

BlackBerry silently registers “”

We’ve kept a close eye at BlackBerry’s Android plans, mainly because the company’s CEO never dismissed the idea.

BlackBerry has failed to nail a hit with any of its BlackBerry 10 offerings over the last couple of years, up to the point where there’s rarely anything to talk about when it comes to the company that once ruled the smartphone business. A BlackBerry running Android is definitely a smart approach, but we wonder what other things will the approach include.
The domain was recently registered by a registrar called MarkMonitor, which shouldn’t say much. What’s interesting is that as you dig deeper, you learn that this is really BlackBerry Limited who’s making this domain acquisition. We’ve covered the two possible BlackBerry Android phones extensively, but we still don’t understand what the focus of the company will be with these phones. Could it be that BlackBerry plans to differentiate its products with more than just a QWERTY keyboard in one of the two cases?

This seems more like a Blackphone-type approach, and we’ll keep a close eye.