Sunday, June 28, 2015

Episoide #8 31 May, 2015

My dear countrymen, the last time I spoke to you of the mind, then I was distracted by the earthquake disaster. The mind did not want to talk had yet to mind. 

Note: Translated from Hindi scripts shared by PMO India using Google translator, Hence we can not assure of 100% grammatical  error free text.

Today, I am referring to the mind, so fierce around hot air, heat, upset her stories are coming. I pray that all of you peruse the summer time we hold dear ... We would everyone says to drink too much water, keep the body covered ... but I'm telling you, we sides Pets Get the gloves. These opportunities to children in the family should be given a job outside her home drinking water to keep the birds in a pot, and see what happens, is not warm. You see children in the family shall be accepted to be good values. The fierce heat and will also protect the birds.

The weather is also a side of summer, so much happiness, too much of the pain. After Agjham until results come in peace of mind by then sits. Now CBSE, individual board Agjham Agjham and other students who have friends have got their results. I congratulate them all. Many happy. The relevance of my mind when I started to talk to me that many students reported that, following the results of the Agjham first to your mind whatever was heard Agjham time I had to follow her completely And he paid me. Well, friends, I liked you wrote me. But the cause of your success is not a matter of my mind ... your success because you have worked hard throughout the year, the whole family to join with you and have a stake in this work. Your school, your teacher, everyone is attempted. But you are in tune with yourself than everyone else. To mind, do not get the tip in the test scares time, he was kind. But I did enjoy the fact that yes, what is the use of mind today, how much significance. Me Happy. I'm not saying much sorrow, happiness somewhere ... so many friends who have passed from excellent brands. Some were so close to my young friend, but may be less brands will come. And there will be some who will have failed. My only suggestion for those who have passed that you are at the point where you are choosing a career path. Now you have to decide what would be the way forward. And that too, beyond what route you choose will depend on it. Generally, most students do not know what to read, why to read, where to go, what is the goal. Most of those who make things happen in your Srounnding, friends, families, man-friends, or your parents who are Kamnaien, judgments are around. Now the world is very large. There are also limitations of subjects, opportunities are also limitations. You just interest with courage, nature, trend, according to Select way. Popular routes to go and pulling her why? Please try. And You Know thyself and know your stuff inside the home, her dresser get an opportunity, you choose a field of study? But sometimes it also should think that I'll be whatever, whatever Sikunga, what do you come to my country with that?
... You'd be surprised ... there are so many places in the world, are formed as the museum, the museum is very low compared to India are made. And sometimes even more difficult to find qualified individuals for the museum becomes. Because the area is traditionally very popular. Well, I have no, no, not a thing you want to draw. However, meaning that the country needs good teachers also need the perfect soldiers, perfect scientists need so great is the need of the artist and musicians. Sports is a big area, and how many good players but also for the world of sports that require Human Resources. That so many areas, so the world is full of variations. We will definitely try, dare. Your power, your strength, your dreams should be harmony in the country than dreams. This is the occasion for you to choose your path.

Which have failed them, I'll say that the success or failure in life is natural. The failure to perceive an opportunity, he has laid the foundation stone of success. The failure makes itself fail, he would not ever succeed in life. We can learn a lot from failure. And sometimes we do it not, failure to recognize you today, you can also become an opportunity, an opportunity to learn your strengths can become? And maybe that you know your strengths and your energy and create a new way to choose life.

I think our country's former President Mr APJ Abdul Kalam ji miss. His book, My Journey - Transforming Dreams into Action ', he wrote an episode of his life. He wanted me to become a pilot, so dream, I Bnuँ pilot. But when I become a pilot, so I have failed, I have failed, been Napas. Now you see, they have Napas, their failure became too big occasion. She became the great scientist. Became president. And their great contribution to the country's atomic power. And so I say, folks, do not succumb to the burden of failure. Failure is also an opportunity. Failure to do that, please. Failure to keep hold of. Search. Failure contains between hope and opportunity. And earnestly begged me to my special these young friends, and especially to their families and, if that failed, then the son Please do not create an environment so that he loses all his hopes in life. Sometimes the child's failure is associated with parent's dreams are born and the crisis. It should not be. Failure to digest strength also gives power to live life. I once again greet all my successful young friends. Failed friends had the opportunity of finding and opportunity, so I'll only wish it. To move forward, attempt to build trust.
Back to mind today when I am talking with you, meanwhile, was a lot of things. My Government has a year, the country her closely analyzed, criticized, and many people also gave us the distinction Marx. The shake-up in the way democracy is crucially important, opposing sides are required. What were the drawbacks, it is also very important to know. What were the qualities, it is also an advantage.

But more than that to me last month, two things tend to enjoy my mind. To do something for the poor in our country, in my heart there is always a groan. New things, I think, the idea came to him to accept. We have the prime protection insurance plan last month, Prime Minister Jeevan Jyoti Insurance Scheme, irrevocable pension scheme - launched three schemes of social security. Those plans have not yet twenty days, but today I can say with pride ... Maybe in our country, by relying on the government, relying on the government's plans, to be joined by such a large amount of normal human ... me is pleased to inform that only twenty days in the shortest time, eight million, 5.2 million more people get enrolled in these plans, the plans were attended. This is our very important step in the direction of social security. And in the coming days are going to get much benefit.

Who have not yet reached this point I urge them to do that you pick the point. Anyone can think what one rupee a month, twelve months, twelve rupees only, and you should get protection insurance plan. Jeevan Jyoti Insurance Scheme - one of less than Rs day, three hundred thirty rupees per year. I say therefore that the poor had to be not dependent on others. Poor self being forceful. In that direction we are taking one step after another. And I want to make a army, and the army of the poor as I want to pick. And remains in poor Mary the army will fight the battle against poverty, poverty will be defeated. And in the country many years the burden on our heads, that we constantly strive to get rid of poverty will continue and success.

Another important thing is that I am enjoying, that farmer-TV channels. Well, the country is full of TV Canelon, what is not, cartoons are also moving Channels, sports channels are moving, moving News, Entertainment run. Many are run. But for me Kisan Channel important so that I am able to see the future very well.

I see a farm threshing floor Kisan Channel is the Open University. And such channels, whose students, farmers, and farmers whose teachers. Best to learn from experiences, from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture on the move, small pieces of land left. The family became larger, the smaller part of the land, and the productivity of our land, how to move, how to harvest and to bring change - to learn these things-it is important to understand. Now the weather also can be known in advance. All this range, the T-0 V-0 channel is supposed to work and my peasant brothers-sisters, the Monitoring of farmers have been set up in every district. Make sure you contact him.

Mcuware my siblings, I would say, the fishing people involved in the work, even for them, the farmer has a lot of channels, animal husbandry and agriculture in India's rural life, traditional work area in a way to be helpful but if the rate of world view, as compared to the number of animals in the world milk production, India is far behind it. The milk must be produced compared to the number of animals, as there is in our country. How to produce more milk per animal, animal care how, how her upbringing, her eating habits be - traditionally so we do a lot, but it's very important to proceed with scientific methods and can only with agriculture and animal husbandry could also strengthen us financially, the farmer can give strength, ranchers can firmly. How we move forward in this area, how we want to succeed, you have to guide him towards scientific.

My dear fellow citizens! Remember June 21? Well into our territory on June 21 would therefore be remembered that they have the longest day. But June 21 is now the world has become a new identity. Speaking at the United Nations last September while I was kept in a topic and had proposed a June 21 international yoga-Day should celebrate. And the whole world was surprised, you will also astonishingly, one hundred Satttr within hundred days after the proposal passed with the support of the countries, such a proposal in the history of the United Nations, had the support of most countries, The resolution was passed in a short time, and all the world's terrain, which was attended, for an Indian, it is very large prestigious event.

But now our responsibility is formed. Do we ever thought that yoga can become a means of connecting to the world? Vsudav Kutumbkm our ancestors which was conceived as the sum of a catalytic agent is a medium of connecting world. How many of pride, the happiest thing. But its strength will occur when all of the correct forms a very large sum, the sum of the correct strength, posing in front of the world. Yoga connects the heart and mind, of healing through yoga, the yoga of Bhogmukti see in any medium now and then, yoga mind body work of the intelligence itself, beyond the world hookup is.

Why do we not made the Ambassador! Why do not we work for the human being to come, this important learning Provide ease. In every corner of India on June 21 to celebrate Yoga Day. If your relatives live in any part of the world, your friends are family members live elsewhere, you know that they are there and even the telephone people celebrate the day by collecting the totals. If they do not have any knowledge of yoga with a book in, but also everyone reading what yoga is explained. Read a letter, but I agree that we really sum Day as an important step for the global welfare, the welfare of mankind as a passing human group life and stress, difficulties between Sitting desperate disappointed The man, a new consciousness, is an energy-giving power of yoga.

I would like the world to which he has acknowledged, the world, which is awarded to the world that India is, the sum of all of us should be proud of. You must try the three-week course to join and add others, that I would urge.

I especially would like to say one thing and my troops, who were involved in the security of the country and that they too are able to live his life by now retired from the military, the soldiers who sacrifice penance, and I The one thing I'm not as Prime Minister. My inner person, the truth of the heart, from the depths of the mind, the soldiers of my country, I want to talk today.

One-rank, one-pension, do not change the fact that forty years knotty question?