Sunday, June 28, 2015

Episode #9 28 June, 2015

Back to mind, I prayed one of you in the holiday if you go somewhere, and there's no if's memorable picture book Incredible India hashtag you post. 

Note: Translated from Hindi scripts shared by PMO India using Google translator, hence will not assure for 100% grammatical error free text produced

When I said, so I did not think that it will result persevering. Photo posted by millions, on Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram. I'd say, got to see a scene from one of India is so diverse. Architecture, crafts, nature, waterfalls may be mountain, river, the sea are. The Government of India will probably never thought in terms of tourism, people can do such a great job that you have done. And then I was so excited that I even made him re-tweet. And I understand, perhaps of those who Belum caves in Andhra Pradesh would not post the photos, the country probably does not know many people in our country is no such thing. Photos of Orchha in Madhya Pradesh, the region with the water crisis we always believe in Rajasthan, but when someone sends photos of Manal the waterfall, then a very surprising. That is truly a wonderful thing. This we will go ahead, will continue. The world will see, our people will see, our new generation will see.

My dear countrymen, PM me if you have made but sometimes my inner man, and out of the rest of the post-prestiges in itself is lost. June 21, International Yoga Day. I can say that my mind was similarly shaken, when the UN was I kept the subject. Then it seemed as if there is one thing's brother. But the 21st of June, which saw the scene, where-where the sun is, where-where the sun's rays were, the world was not a territory, where yoga has not welcomed by the sun. We can say that the sum of claims Abyasuon world the sun is not ever aging.

Yoga is the way of the world, awarded by Blink-Pavde spread all the way to the world on your shoulders raised, who will Hindustani who would not be proud. I also got Anandvibhor. The mind has to be blithe. And when the people of France, for whom the Seine River and the Eiffel Tower is a symbol very proud, he liked to sum up the place, gave equal space. Times Square in New York, people were yoga. Australia, Sydney Opera House when the matter comes before us in the picture. Australia Opera House by the citizens to keep abreast of the sum of the sum on the right. Whether North America will be the Silicon Valley, Milan's Duomo Cathedral, this is in itself is a matter of pride. And on June 21, I UN Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-moon to the UN Headquarters in yoga saw, how much I enjoyed it. Similarly, the sum of the UN Peace-Keeping Force also performed very well. In India on Siachen, white ice were our young yoga, then by the Navy in saltwater, falsely, where were our naval ship, the yoga program. Delhi in the Guinness Book of World Records to register their location. Highway became Yogpth. I am grateful to the heart of the country and the world, and I can say it was not a program for the sake of the program. It seemed that every corner of the world, a new curiosity, a new joy, a new joy, a new association.

A few days ago I when on Twitter, the youngest child of a family from Vietnam had tweeted a photo that was yoga, it was so cute photo, worldwide it was so prevalent. Everyone, men and women, old-child, village-town, developed countries or developing countries, everyone joined. Yoga has become a reason for connecting the world in a true sense. I do not know, Intellectual class, Elite world how the event will analysis. But I'm feeling and pride for all Indians can experience the world, India is very keen to learn. India has risen to a curiosity. The values, traditions here, here, the legacy, the world wants to know. Laglpet without obligation we all have our heritage in this world should be divided us, should be familiar to the world. But these introductions are made, then when we are proud of our heritage.

Sometimes we are so familiar that their things, what is new, it looks ... like our family values, we do not know the world is a very big thing for the Indian family values. Why do not we our family tradition to the world, family values ​​Krwayen familiar. The world will be astonished. I would definitely say astonishment. There are very few things that are given to us by our ancestors and which are the best, the world is right. International Yoga Day enjoyment and satisfaction with the success has come to take a new responsibility. It is our responsibility to the world to give us good yoga teacher. This is our responsibility that all the traditions of yoga on a platform looking to gain world.
The youth of the country, especially the IT Professionals I urge all of you to relate youngster Online Yoga activity Make some plans. The introduction of yoga-related entities, the yoga gurus are aware of the information in respect of the sum. So where can learn to learn yoga, yoga teacher where to find me if you need a database must be prepared and I agree, you can. Let's start from somewhere, no, it will become a new force. The events of the last few days I'll look and point of view. Government works, running the government ... Once the target is fixed, then how can result, we have seen these last days. And there was disappointment all around, that we do not forget, a year earlier, the same tone sounded from all directions, nothing happens, nothing happens, nothing happens.

Ayush is a department of government you can imagine, is not anyone's attention that way. 2-5 years once or twice when there is so much smaller when there is so much news in the papers ... in one corner, a small department, but he leads the Yoga Day. And by organizing such a great job in the world, the department showed little. If the target is in front, how would a small-small unit works, the sample.

Last week, the world saw that our people in Yemen Aftgrst how people rescued. Within hours, how to help by reaching people in India, Nepal rushed, in a government bank account opening Jndn were all bank came out in the field and at the same time millions of countrymen with the bank added Given.

Last August 15 at the Red Fort in schools I had to appeal to the toilet. And I said, we have until August 15 to complete the job. Which in 60 years has not worked in a year he was called to the great courage, nearly half a million were to the toilet, but today I can say with satisfaction that a delay of just 15 Come August, but then completed No, but close to a hundred people met to work in schools to make the restroom.

Meaning the government, people, government employee, everyone would like to work for the country. Mass-Mass Sukhay Hitay selfless spirit, if we go by a pledge, the government runs, the people running the government and the public-Janardana is also welcomed by Blink-Pavde spread.
This is what I have experienced and the true strength of the country is advancing. Last month, we launched three Public Safety had plans, I had to Calcutta. Have had very positive results in such a short time. In India, very little has happened in terms of public safety but a huge jump for these three schemes we're putting. More than 10 million people in such a short time these people somewhere in the plans of securities linked Feeling grouchy but we have to increase it further. An idea that comes to my mind. The idea I am stating. Raksha Bandhan festival is in August. What we first of all the festival of Raksha Bandhan Indians put up a strong people's movement and our nation's mothers and sisters, these are the public safety plan to his advantage. With our home cooking or a sister or sister to clean the dishes that our farm wages are a sister or sisters in our family. What the holy festival of Raksha Bandhan in keeping us 12 rupees or 330 rupees mass protection schemes can give a gift to their sisters for life. Raksha Bandhan sister's brother's behalf can be a huge gift. Why do not we assume a goal of the festival of Raksha Bandhan 2 million, 5 million, 7 million, 10 million ... to see so perfect, how many sisters we can deliver these benefits. Come with me and we try to fulfill the resolution. I
When the mind when I talk to many people send me ideas. Should I say something to suggest that this time the monsoon has sent many people. Yogesh daandekar Nagpur, Mysore Harsha G, Praveen G. Nadkarni, Diwyanshu Gupta, he said that the monsoon will surely tell you a few things in mind. He sent good ideas. And this season is the season to be jolly mood bigger. And the first rain to everyone, at any age might be, enjoy the rain there is a temptation. You can also warm up in the rain to pakoda, Bjiye of corn, plus tea will cherish. But along the way the sun's rays gives life, so the rain is our life force. Blob Blob is worth a lot of water. Us as a citizen, as a society, will have to make blob blob nature of saving water. In the village are the village water, city water are in town, this should be our resolve, should try to stop the water. And rainwater checks and if the land is in the back and recharge in the ground, then the year is to solve the problems. Rain water harvesting is the new thing, has over the centuries. Check dams are, watershed development, the small pool may be farm-pond, we should save water drip drop. I always tell people that if ... the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi and Mahatma Gandhi in Gujarat Porbandar if you go home, you will see the two hundred year old house inside the underground tank where rainwater directly there had to be arranged. And you go and see the birth place of Mahatma Gandhi will definitely look at, two hundred years later, she is still the same is employed. And water throughout the year just does not deteriorate. Porbandar is on the coast, but the sweet water by collecting rain water was placed in the house, so care was also at that time. If we can do. And it must become a mass movement, the village ought to have.
Similarly, our eyes so abhors the greenery, the green life was so nice to us, plants, garden-garden greenery give life. We are all in this rainy season planting, tree planting campaign by social organizations, should be in very large quantities by youths. And I'll give a suggestion and my direct experience, is experiencing great success. This is my very rural technology. If you put the plant next to the plant, please, and he put an old jar of water, please. So twice a month will draw water works. That plant will proceed very quickly, will develop. Using colors and then you get to be old jar. I am also says farmers farm on the edge of your tree madam, instead of fencing. They will become your property.
It is right that there is too much like rain, comes the fun. But sometimes rainy season as well as the most illness comes to passing doctors receive are so patient. And we know that many diseases spread by water in the rains. Bekteria due to increased moisture in the atmosphere seem to flourish and it becomes very important for cleanliness, cleanliness becomes very important. Pure drinking water is essential urges. Most people, at a time by boil water and drink it would benefit. It is right that we will care as the disease will remain away from us. The water should have, even should rain but also should avoid disease.
Citizens, we have just launched three new schemes, especially for the urban ones. In our country there are more than 500 small town. waste to wealth ... of garbage can also become property, fertilizer can become, bricks may be, can become electricity. Dirty water is also purified and can be reused in fields we try to continue the campaign.
Amrit (AMRUT) plan our cities we have taken major campaign to make life worth living. Similarly there should be any country of the world can match. The country, the world could match such a smart city must be poor and poor people living on the other side of the country to be their home. And the house that contains electricity, water, toilets, the school arranged for me to read. We shall celebrate 75 years of India's independence in 2022 when the nation wants to home. By taking these three things have started to have a great plan. I believe that changes in urban life, these plans will come to work.
I myself am connected to you through the social media, a lot of innovative ideas from the people I keep meeting, the government also is the source of information in regard to the good-bad. But sometimes a person sitting in a remote village far too few to her is touching our hearts.